2nd time is always a charm...

Hello and Happy Monday.  I downloaded an app to be able to blog from my droid x and thought on the plane would be the perfect opportunity.  I was flying back from visiting my father in Charlotte and wanted to express my thoughts for the weekend.  Maybe I should have checked to see if I could actually save my blog, not knowing I couldn't post in "airplane mode." Insert frustration here... Oh well, needless to say my thoughts were gone and I can't even remember what I wrote at this point...Hence the title "2nd time is always a charm."  Enter the sarcastic tone here...

Each time I leave a weekend with my father, I am renewed, recharged, reevaluating and most of all inspired but all that I want and plan to accomplish.  Sometimes I have to look at myself and say Stacy, be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished!!!  Count your blessings and be grateful.  So today, I encourage all of you to count your blessings and be grateful.  Try and see the positive in every negative situation.  Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments and never measure your success by the someone else  yardstick!!!

Have a great day!

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