Communication is key....

How often do you feel as if what you said is not what was heard?  Your "tone" was taken out of context and now you are apologizing for the way you "supposedly" made someone feel???  All you were trying to do was express yourself and it seems you can't even do that right...You mean to tell me amongst all the other issues we deal with on a daily basis, now I have to figure out if I said, what I meant to say, how I meant to say it and it was heard correctly....GEEZ!!!

They say communication is key.  Its the foundation to building anything stable and I completely agree but is it 100% the responsibility of the communicator to make sure their message is conveyed correctly or does the receiver play a significant role in the retrieval of the message?  Most of us, try our best to think long and hard about what we want to say and how it may be received by the other person.  We try to find ways so it can't be taken out of context or viewed as insensitive.  Regardless of our hard work by the time the message leaves our lips and lands in the persons ears you wish you never said anything.

Its a learning process, that I'm not sure will ever get any easier. Sitting here slightly wishing I was able to surround myself with people who understood me and that I never had to second guess if they "got" what I was trying to say.  But how boring would that life be???  It takes skill and constant practice to make sure that our message, the right message is received in the way we intended. 

I encourage everyone (by that I mean me) to listen twice as hard as we worry about communicating.  Ask yourself am I answering the question being asked?  Am I receiving it the way the person intended?  Am I adding tone in places where their isn't one (thanks Jay!)  Mastering communication will make things run a lot smoother, so would not caring about others feelings because you are direct, sorry I didn't mean that :) 

Until next time....I'm off to communicate :)


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