Every Rose Has Its Thorns

"Every Rose has its thorns" is a quote that I feel best describes my personality.  Basically their are imperfections in every person and in every situation.  I am loving, kind, loyal, determined, educated woman who loves to smile which could be characterized as the beauty of a rose.  But I feel the perception of me is not always that.  I've been called a B*tch, told I was too serious, told I was too hard on people, that I had a terrible attitude or that I expected too much.  These are things I consider to be thorns.  I try very hard to show my "rose-like" qualities instead of the thorns but sometimes they need to come out :)

I have grown a lot since college and I'm sure those college peers would not believe I am the same Stacy and its because....I'm not. I don't get the same satisfaction from the things that I've done and I am not proud of my behaviors.  I have apologized and come to grips with everything being in the past and have even rekindled some friendships.  Everything is a growing and learning process and those experiences were a part of mine.

The fact is...No one is perfect and that includes me.  As everyone grows and matures we learn more about each other and ourselves.  We learn our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  I have come to like myself, the person I have become, the friendships that have remained and the new ones that have formed.  I am surrounding myself with people who understand that even best situations have their down sides and that negative situations can have positive outcomes, because every rose has its thorns...


  1. As we continue to go up the road of maturity, we learn that every phase of life will not be sweet or sour. But with faith, love, and determination, we know that these life experiences are molding us to better individuals, girlfriends, wives, and daughters. It is up to us to embrace the experience that will bring forth change and better outcomes.

  2. As someone who has witnessed first hand your beauty as well as been pricked severely by your thorns, I can honestly say you've grown a great deal, I'm proud of you, and I love you dearly.

  3. I can only agree with the previous comments. So many people do not take the time to learn themselves and it is great that you can dig so deeply and stand outside of yourself. Introspection is truly a gift but many don't see it as that. I'm sure there are some who are afraid to look within themselves, or take that long look at their reflection in the mirror and say "Who am I really?" and "How do I feel about the (wo)man in the mirror?" The fact that you have done that and can say this is what I like and this is what I don't like, but go even further to address what you don't like, speaks volumes!

  4. I love your use of the term "rose." When you think about a rose you think about beauty, grace, a symbol of love, and it flourishes when treated well. That is exactly what we are as women. ROSES. However, I don't think that it's fair or always necessary for you to always apologize for your thorns. Thorns are shields and protectors. They probably have served as a filter between those that are worthy vs. unworthy- true vs. untrue, have your best interest vs. the selr-serving and that's a blessing.
    Everyone cannot handle the rose. Apologizing for your thorns is like aplogizing for being black or born with breasts. It's not your fault. It effects and affects you and other's perceptions of you but it's not something that you always choose. I'm bold enough to say be proud of your thorns. Each one tells a story. Wear your thorns with confidence and be aware of its abilties. You can't hide them. Flaunt them.


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