Know your value: Self-worth

This thought has been replaying constantly in my head...Know your value, Know your worth!  This can apply to your career, friendships, relationships and most importantly how you treat yourself.  Knowing your worth, I believe is the first step in evaluating oneself.  Everyone has goals and things they want to accomplish and if you're anything like me there is research done followed by a "pros and cons" list."

Weighing out the positives and negatives of any situation can help you to get a clear understanding of what could be the best choice for you.  (sn: FOR ME, this is also after praying :)  After all of this, you begin to ask yourself, how will this benefit me, will I be happy, will I be effective, influential, beneficial, will this be a "stepping stone" or a "set back?"

Knowing the value you have for yourself, your life and your accomplishments, will dictate how others perceive and treat you.  If you settle for less, you can't complain when you are given the bare minimum.  If you expect great things, then greatness comes to you.  It all boils down to options because yes, I have high expectations but people have the CHOICE to meet and/or exceed them but I also have the CHOICE to accept what they have given me.  There are options in every situation.

I believe knowing your standards, expectations, morals, standards and values will aid you in calculating your self-worth.  Acknowledging is the first step, then moving on to step two of evaluation and calculation..  What's your self-worth?  Are you treating yourself well?  Are you treating others well?  Are you demanding that others treat you the way you treat yourself or are you settling for less than you know you are worth?

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  1. Well said! You have to know your own worth PRIOR to placing expectations on others. If you don't know what you are worth, how can you expect to 1.) be able convey what you deserve to others 2.)be content with what you do have vs. looking for something more? I do think it is important though to not only know what you are worth, but, once communicated to others (be it through your actions and/or words) you then need to hold those people accountable when they are not doing right by you. If we say, say, say what we won't stand for while continuing to stand for it, those people in our lives who we have made our wants/needs clear to may begin to not take us seriously.


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