The Three W's...
Winner, Whiner or a Won't!!!

Sitting in graduate class #Ihavelostcount :) and we were asked are you a winner, whiner or a won't?  I immediately said "I'm a winner!!!"
After a lengthy discussion about the specific role we play in education, everyone's answer began to change.  There are moments and specific instances that we can be all three of the W's.  Tonight, I happen to be a "won't" because regardless of what my professor says...I'm determined to write this blog with my thoughts fresh in my brain.  :)
Overall, in terms of educating my students I have a "winner" attitude.  They are my focus 100% of the time.  But in my personal life - there are many occasions where I could have and should have adopted a "winner" attitude.  I should have just let go and believed in my abilities.  I am striving to become more of a winner and less of a whiner.  From here on out - I refuse to be a won't.  I will try new things, live life to the fullest and try my best to maintain a positive outlook in every situation.  

Which are you??? A Winner, A Whiner or a Won't???

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