True Love Never Dies...

On this day 36 years ago, my parents were married.  Most people know that my mother passed away in March.  I cannot even begin to imagine what my father must be feeling today or every day for that matter.  To have someone who you have grown with, loved, shared your deepest fears with, lived with, cared for, for over 40 years to one day not be there, what can anyone say?   

It is obvious that what my parents shared was true love.  They were each others best friend and they lived by the motto "Us against the world."  They taught me not only how to treat a man but how to teach a man how to treat me.  I know my brother received the same lesson of how to treat a woman and how to teach a woman to treat him.  I am so grateful to have experienced true love and most of all true friendship.  By no means, do I intend to paint a flawless picture of my parents but at the end of the day their union was what was most important, their friendship was most important and the love their shared for each other conquered all.

On today I celebrate the love my parents shared..excuse me, I celebrate the love my parents share because as I stated True Love Never Dies!  


  1. I told Mom and Dad that they are my inspiration all the time. :)

  2. After 26 years of marriage, I can truly say that I respect your understanding and appreciation for the union shared by your parents. From the time marriage begins, it is always a continuous work in progress.
    Thank you for sharing this precious celebration. God bless.


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