We have to do better...

I am wondering if we are aware of what is happening all around us, in front of our very own eyes.  It is the demise of our history, culture and traditions.  Maya Angelou said "When we know better, we do better."  I know we are much smarter than this.  How can we be praised for positive instead of glorifying and being laughed at publicly?  How can be stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and allow those who are in the public eye make it appealing to our future that we would rather be uneducated? I am really getting tired of the wrong celebrities getting the most attention. It is getting more and more frustrating to watch these reality shows with a straight face, listen to lyrics on the radio in the middle of the afternoon, that should never be played to begin with or watching our youth be brainwashed by people that look just like them.  Some things that truly bother me are listed below, check it out and you let me know what you think. 

Quote from rapper Waka Flocka "Stay in school, well at least junior high.  I want to go back to college for geometry."  "I read a lot of books, response which ones?  Waka Flocka responds I can't think of none!"

Real Housewives of Atlanta - the entire show bothers my spirit.  Nene is extreme and clearly in pursuit of a spin-off.  Sheree got upset because the man bought her "STORE-BOUGHT FLOWERS!!!"

Don't forget all the dating reality shows:  Flavor of love, I love NY, Real Chance of Love and the list goes on and last but not least the latest issue from a historical institution Morehouse college.  Read the article below posted by VIBE magazine.


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