"Be the change you wish to see" - Ghandi

Listening to Louie Armstrong sing "What a Wonderful World" really got me thinking.  Imagine a perfect world, filled with smiling, generous, caring, loving individuals - Oh what a wonderful world it would be.

Mother Theresa said "If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one."  This quote really hit home because we often feel we are just one person, what can I really do???  But I am here to tell you, you CAN make a difference, even in the life of just one person.

Pay it forward or displaying a "Random Act of Kindness", is a concept I became familiar with because my mom watched entirely too much Oprah :) After doing some research, I found there is an actual international Pay it Forward day, April 28th.  The idea of paying it forward is a way to spread kindness, generosity and love without expecting ANYTHING in return.

My plan is to always display kind behavior and in return I hope I will inspire others to do something kind for someone else.  I know you are probably thinking, how can I PAY it forward it my funds are limited, below are some suggestions... Imagine how good you will feel making someone else feel good.  I dare you to try it.

Pray for someone!!!
Pay for someone's morning coffee.
Mentor a young child.
Call a friend just to say hello.
Compliment a complete stranger.
Encourage someone.
Visit the elderly during the holidays
Teach a child something you wish someone taught you
Show respect
Give someone the benefit of the doubt
Allow the person to merge in front of you in traffic
Make a donation
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
Volunteer at a local shelter
Hold the door open for someone

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