Countdown to 2011

Three days and counting. 2011 here we come.  Are you ready??? I know I am.  I am claiming 2011 to be a year of spiritual growth and understanding and financial prosperity, not only for myself but for everyone.

What promises/resolutions are you making for 2011?  
What changes are you prepared to make to become a better YOU?


  1. I love your motto for 2011. My goals are to continue to grow in my relationship with God, write more, make exercise and eating healthy a part of my lifestyle and spend more time enjoying life with my family and friends.

  2. Thank you Funmi!! I love your goals as well. Its important that we simplify goals as much as possible so we can actually achieve them. You want to make exercise and eating healthy a part of your daily lifestyle = ACHIEVABLE. You didn't say I'm not going to eat meat or I going to lose this much weight!!! Those are resolutions we make that most of us break by february. Wishing you many blessings!! Please keep reading :)


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