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Having a discussion with two co-workers about our life goals.  One asked me "they still make women like you?"  Based on our conservation I knew he was referring to the fact that I am 26 years old, not married, no kids, two degrees and a third on the way, nice job, car, etc...

The way he said it, it had such a negative undertone but not allowing anyone to steal my joy - I am choosing to see the positive.  Yes, I am all of those things but why are you talking to me as if I should be behind glass in a museum exhibit.

It is so unfortunate that women like me aren't the norm anymore.  His statement was so immature and unnecessary that I am torn in my response.  What right does he have to say that to me?  Should I attack and defend my personal beliefs and opinions on God's order for my life?  Should I allow society and small-minded people degrade me because I make different choices.  Why can't people just appreciate different views and learn from each other?

So yes, women like us still exist.  We are not extinct and we are always on display if you look a little closer or try a little harder.

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