My 2011 Bucket List...

Most are familiar with the movie "The Bucket List," where Morgan Freeman's character writes a list of things he wanted to complete/do/achieve before he "kicked the bucket."

I have decided to create a 2011 bucket list - which is things I would like to complete/do/achieve before the year 2012.  I know tomorrow is not promised, so why put off for tomorrow what I can do today.  Hence why my list is for the year of 2011 and not before I "kick the bucket."  I believe in breaking things down, the easier you make things, the easier they are to achieve.

Here is my list..
Pass the math praxis
Learn to play Chess
Complete my second Masters degree
Take a drawing/painting/pottery class
Apply and begin classes for my PhD
Apply and become lead counselor/vice principal
Get a part time job
Take a girls trip somewhere with a beach - no boys allowed
Visit Japan, Miami, Dominican Republic
Take a belly dancing class
Write more blogs per week
Become a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend

I plan to add more.  What does your 2011 list look like?

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