Preference vs. Priority

Watching one of my Sunday night guilty pleasures, Brandy and Ray J...Don't judge me.  Niecy Nash and Brandy were discussing how to find a man.  Niecy Nash explained that as we get older and more serious about dating, our thought patterns change from what are our preferences vs. what are our priorities.

We know that preferences are basically choices that we make for ourselves, often weighing them to see which we want or which we could live without.  While priorities are things that take precedence over everything else.  As we get older, our list of preferences of what we want in a significant other become reduced to the necessities or our priorities.  Maybe you once wished for your significant other to make a particular salary, have a bachelors degree, be physically fit, no children, have all of his teeth :) etc.  As you begin to grow and evolve your priorities take precedence.  You want someone God-fearing, who is compassionate, giving and loves unconditionally.

Things that you once considered important, no longer are.  You begin to ask yourself "does the good outweigh the bad?"  Are your priorities being met because if they are, the preferences are the "added bonus" or the icing on the cake.

Preference vs. Priority can be applied in all aspects of your life.  How has your list changed over time?  What are your priorities for your love life, career, personal life or friendships?

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