The Three W's...
Winner, Whiner or a Won't!!!

Sitting in graduate class #Ihavelostcount :) and we were asked are you a winner, whiner or a won't?  I immediately said "I'm a winner!!!"
After a lengthy discussion about the specific role we play in education, everyone's answer began to change.  There are moments and specific instances that we can be all three of the W's.  Tonight, I happen to be a "won't" because regardless of what my professor says...I'm determined to write this blog with my thoughts fresh in my brain.  :)
Overall, in terms of educating my students I have a "winner" attitude.  They are my focus 100% of the time.  But in my personal life - there are many occasions where I could have and should have adopted a "winner" attitude.  I should have just let go and believed in my abilities.  I am striving to become more of a winner and less of a whiner.  From here on out - I refuse to be a won't.  I will try new things, live life to the fullest and try my best to maintain a positive outlook in every situation.  

Which are you??? A Winner, A Whiner or a Won't???

Know your value: Self-worth

This thought has been replaying constantly in my head...Know your value, Know your worth!  This can apply to your career, friendships, relationships and most importantly how you treat yourself.  Knowing your worth, I believe is the first step in evaluating oneself.  Everyone has goals and things they want to accomplish and if you're anything like me there is research done followed by a "pros and cons" list."

Weighing out the positives and negatives of any situation can help you to get a clear understanding of what could be the best choice for you.  (sn: FOR ME, this is also after praying :)  After all of this, you begin to ask yourself, how will this benefit me, will I be happy, will I be effective, influential, beneficial, will this be a "stepping stone" or a "set back?"

Knowing the value you have for yourself, your life and your accomplishments, will dictate how others perceive and treat you.  If you settle for less, you can't complain when you are given the bare minimum.  If you expect great things, then greatness comes to you.  It all boils down to options because yes, I have high expectations but people have the CHOICE to meet and/or exceed them but I also have the CHOICE to accept what they have given me.  There are options in every situation.

I believe knowing your standards, expectations, morals, standards and values will aid you in calculating your self-worth.  Acknowledging is the first step, then moving on to step two of evaluation and calculation..  What's your self-worth?  Are you treating yourself well?  Are you treating others well?  Are you demanding that others treat you the way you treat yourself or are you settling for less than you know you are worth?

2nd time is always a charm...

Hello and Happy Monday.  I downloaded an app to be able to blog from my droid x and thought on the plane would be the perfect opportunity.  I was flying back from visiting my father in Charlotte and wanted to express my thoughts for the weekend.  Maybe I should have checked to see if I could actually save my blog, not knowing I couldn't post in "airplane mode." Insert frustration here... Oh well, needless to say my thoughts were gone and I can't even remember what I wrote at this point...Hence the title "2nd time is always a charm."  Enter the sarcastic tone here...

Each time I leave a weekend with my father, I am renewed, recharged, reevaluating and most of all inspired but all that I want and plan to accomplish.  Sometimes I have to look at myself and say Stacy, be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished!!!  Count your blessings and be grateful.  So today, I encourage all of you to count your blessings and be grateful.  Try and see the positive in every negative situation.  Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments and never measure your success by the someone else  yardstick!!!

Have a great day!


Dream Big...

I work in the education field and interact with children on a daily basis on issues ranging from academics, personal and social.  On any given day, I can be a mother, sister, cousin, friend, etc.  I enjoy working with children and seeing their eyes light up when they are encouraged or finally figure something out.  I have known for quite some time it takes a special type of person to work in this field because it can be both draining and "thank less."

I met with an administrator and was asked about my professional goals.  I explained my professional time line and that my ultimate goal is to become superintendent.  The admin looked at me which such a face as if to say my dreams and goals are unattainable!!!  I then proceeded to explain I want to receive my PhD in three years (by age 30) and she laughed!!!! Are you serious???  I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing.  She proceeded to explain that she had been working on her PhD for quite some time but "its good that I dream big."  Forgive me but what exactly did she mean by that?  I understand it is an extremely difficult and tedious task but are you implying that it is impossible??  Aren't you an educator?  Aren't you a woman?  Aren't you a minority?  I expected so much more from you.  You should be able to understand my thirst for high achievement and offer to mentor me but instead I'm met with doubt and opposition.

This meeting did not sit well with me at all.  I knew I had two options: 1) catch an immediate attitude (my thorns) and allow her to deter me or 2) see past her "hate" and remain stead fast on my goals.  Of course, after calming down I chose choice #2.  I see her and her negative opinion as a road block I just avoided.  Instead I will use it as the ammunition I need in order to achieve my goals.

This situation reminds me of a quote I would like to leave you with... "Live your life to the fullest potential and always fight for your dreams."  Never allow anyone or anything to deter you from your goal, if you feel in your spirit that it is for you, then it will be.  Carpe Diem :)


Communication is key....

How often do you feel as if what you said is not what was heard?  Your "tone" was taken out of context and now you are apologizing for the way you "supposedly" made someone feel???  All you were trying to do was express yourself and it seems you can't even do that right...You mean to tell me amongst all the other issues we deal with on a daily basis, now I have to figure out if I said, what I meant to say, how I meant to say it and it was heard correctly....GEEZ!!!

They say communication is key.  Its the foundation to building anything stable and I completely agree but is it 100% the responsibility of the communicator to make sure their message is conveyed correctly or does the receiver play a significant role in the retrieval of the message?  Most of us, try our best to think long and hard about what we want to say and how it may be received by the other person.  We try to find ways so it can't be taken out of context or viewed as insensitive.  Regardless of our hard work by the time the message leaves our lips and lands in the persons ears you wish you never said anything.

Its a learning process, that I'm not sure will ever get any easier. Sitting here slightly wishing I was able to surround myself with people who understood me and that I never had to second guess if they "got" what I was trying to say.  But how boring would that life be???  It takes skill and constant practice to make sure that our message, the right message is received in the way we intended. 

I encourage everyone (by that I mean me) to listen twice as hard as we worry about communicating.  Ask yourself am I answering the question being asked?  Am I receiving it the way the person intended?  Am I adding tone in places where their isn't one (thanks Jay!)  Mastering communication will make things run a lot smoother, so would not caring about others feelings because you are direct, sorry I didn't mean that :) 

Until next time....I'm off to communicate :)

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

"Every Rose has its thorns" is a quote that I feel best describes my personality.  Basically their are imperfections in every person and in every situation.  I am loving, kind, loyal, determined, educated woman who loves to smile which could be characterized as the beauty of a rose.  But I feel the perception of me is not always that.  I've been called a B*tch, told I was too serious, told I was too hard on people, that I had a terrible attitude or that I expected too much.  These are things I consider to be thorns.  I try very hard to show my "rose-like" qualities instead of the thorns but sometimes they need to come out :)

I have grown a lot since college and I'm sure those college peers would not believe I am the same Stacy and its because....I'm not. I don't get the same satisfaction from the things that I've done and I am not proud of my behaviors.  I have apologized and come to grips with everything being in the past and have even rekindled some friendships.  Everything is a growing and learning process and those experiences were a part of mine.

The fact is...No one is perfect and that includes me.  As everyone grows and matures we learn more about each other and ourselves.  We learn our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  I have come to like myself, the person I have become, the friendships that have remained and the new ones that have formed.  I am surrounding myself with people who understand that even best situations have their down sides and that negative situations can have positive outcomes, because every rose has its thorns...


Rose from Rosedale...

Lately,  I have become fascinated by reading blogs posted by celebrities or just "regular" girls like me on fashion, finances, life and everything in between.  Then I thought...hey, maybe I can do that.  I hope that my rants :) help someone but if it just remains as an outlet for myself then I will still be happy.

I am a city girl at heart and ALWAYS will be.  New York City to be exact - born and raised in Rosedale, Queens.  My tag line for my poetry in college would be Rose from Rosedale - A Queen from Queens.  Hence the title of this blog site.  I hope that my experiences are able to help someone and I look forward to all I will experience on this journey...


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