True Love Never Dies...

On this day 36 years ago, my parents were married.  Most people know that my mother passed away in March.  I cannot even begin to imagine what my father must be feeling today or every day for that matter.  To have someone who you have grown with, loved, shared your deepest fears with, lived with, cared for, for over 40 years to one day not be there, what can anyone say?   

It is obvious that what my parents shared was true love.  They were each others best friend and they lived by the motto "Us against the world."  They taught me not only how to treat a man but how to teach a man how to treat me.  I know my brother received the same lesson of how to treat a woman and how to teach a woman to treat him.  I am so grateful to have experienced true love and most of all true friendship.  By no means, do I intend to paint a flawless picture of my parents but at the end of the day their union was what was most important, their friendship was most important and the love their shared for each other conquered all.

On today I celebrate the love my parents shared..excuse me, I celebrate the love my parents share because as I stated True Love Never Dies!  


Appreciation goes a long way...

We all know actions speak louder than words.  So are you doing what you're saying?  Are you saying and proving or just talking?  This can be applied to all aspects of our lives.  Everyone loves a person who stands by their word.  It is important to follow through and become accountable that way people know you are dependable. 

Saying "thank you" is necessary but have you really SHOWED the person that you appreciated what they did?  Saying "I love you" is beautiful but do your actions reflect what you say you feel for that person?

How do you show your appreciation?  Could you do more?  I know I could!!!


We have to do better...

I am wondering if we are aware of what is happening all around us, in front of our very own eyes.  It is the demise of our history, culture and traditions.  Maya Angelou said "When we know better, we do better."  I know we are much smarter than this.  How can we be praised for positive instead of glorifying and being laughed at publicly?  How can be stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and allow those who are in the public eye make it appealing to our future that we would rather be uneducated? I am really getting tired of the wrong celebrities getting the most attention. It is getting more and more frustrating to watch these reality shows with a straight face, listen to lyrics on the radio in the middle of the afternoon, that should never be played to begin with or watching our youth be brainwashed by people that look just like them.  Some things that truly bother me are listed below, check it out and you let me know what you think. 

Quote from rapper Waka Flocka "Stay in school, well at least junior high.  I want to go back to college for geometry."  "I read a lot of books, response which ones?  Waka Flocka responds I can't think of none!"

Real Housewives of Atlanta - the entire show bothers my spirit.  Nene is extreme and clearly in pursuit of a spin-off.  Sheree got upset because the man bought her "STORE-BOUGHT FLOWERS!!!"

Don't forget all the dating reality shows:  Flavor of love, I love NY, Real Chance of Love and the list goes on and last but not least the latest issue from a historical institution Morehouse college.  Read the article below posted by VIBE magazine.



Black is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Not sure if you are familiar with the teachings of Willie Lynch, if not I encourage you to educate yourself.  I will attach the link here...http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives_1/Willie_Lynch_letter_The_Making_of_a_Slave.shtml

I was approached by one of my students today seeking advice on.....HER HAIR and SKIN TONE!!!  Are you serious?  Ok first off, the student is TWELVE YEARS OLD and already has issues with how long her hair is and how to make her skin "lighter and prettier!!!"  I almost wanted to break down and cry right in front of her.  She began to explain over the weekend how her "lighter skin" best friend began to tease her, calling her bald-headed and blackie!!  BLACKIE?? are you serious?  She was almost in tears because she wanted to know how to make her hair grow and why she was so dark skin.

I began to think to myself, Willie Lynch is alive and well.  His teachings have been so engraved in us that some of us really believe his foolishness to be the truth.  It is so disheartening to hear a 12 year old envious of her "lighter skin" friend or saddened by the fact that her hair only rests on her shoulders instead of reaching the middle of her back.

I wasn't sure what else to do so I grabbed a mirror and asked her to hold it, when asked what she liked about herself, she said nothing.  When asked what she didn't like or wanted to change the list seemed endless.  Not to mention everything she wanted to change was replaced with a feature from a lighter skinned friend of hers.  I explained that she was "beautifully and wonderfully made."  Got to be careful what we "preach" in a public school these days.  I explained that she has to love herself before she can love others and that she should spend more time getting to know herself.  Her likes and dislikes and set some goals for herself. 

I'm not sure if I handled the situation correctly but I did the best I could.  This has really messed me up mentally.  I'm not sure if I'm more bothered by the fact that these issues still exist or because of how young she is.  I look forward to reading your comments, please share any advice as well :) I need it!!

Plan on spending some time with myself this week/weekend.  Falling back in love with me, rediscovering myself, my likes and dislikes and reevaluating my goals.  I encourage all of you to do the same.  I am beautiful, You are beautiful, WE are beautiful!!!

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