One, Two, Five years from now??!!!

A goal is defined as something we work towards, something we intend to achieve.  Most people strive to reach their goals within a certain timeframe by setting deadlines.  Which brings me to the topic of this blog...One, Two, Five years from now.

I know personally, I have set goals for myself (graduate high school, attend and graduate from college, find a career, get married, buy a house, have children)  seems so simple right???!!!  But life isn't always that simple.  They say if you want to make God laugh...make plans.  That just means have goals set, things you desire to accomplish but be able to persevere when life takes its course. 

No one really knows our personal trials and tribulations, it is up to us to continue to get up, dust ourselves off and continue to set goals even when they seem unattainable.  Not many know I was on academic probation my first year of college, but I was able to turn my grades around and graduate a year early.  Not many know I had to lose a lot friends before I was able to really understand the meaning of friendship.  Not many know I was laid off and I had to work three jobs just to make ends meet but during that time I was able to complete my M.Ed by the age of 25!

The hard situations are what build great character...but only if you're able to endure!  Don't look at where you were or where you are...Focus on where you're going and navigate a plan to get there.

I encourage you to not look at the negatives of a situation because we all have them, instead focus on the positives and the lessons you've learned.  Envision all your desires and  WRITE THEM DOWN!  Create your own personal goal sheet.  Writing things down holds you accountable.  Refer back to your goal sheet occasionally, especially when you accomplish a goal and check it off.  Continue to add to it and make sure you're specific.  Where do you envision yourself one, two, five years from now?

Some of my personal goals:
Complete my second masters degree in School Leadership 
Begin work on PhD in Educational Administration
Begin applying for Admin jobs in PA, MD, VA, NC
Buy my first home 
Publish first book 
Start Non-profit for young girls 
Get Married and have babies :) 



For almost two weeks, I didn't write a blog, claiming I needed to be INSPIRED.  I claimed I had nothing to write about and I was just waiting for something to happen so I could write...I was told by several people "don't worry it will happen,"  "something will come to you soon and it'll be amazing!"  But not today, I got the kick in the butt I needed.

Now that I think of it, I sounded a bit selfish waiting to be inspired as if life isn't inspiration enough.  As if, how AMAZING God is isn't inspiring enough.  As if, the fact that I am living, breathing, in good health, have a job, house, love, great family and friends isn't inspiration enough.  Now don't get me wrong everything isn't perfect but I always think of the quote "If everyone threw their problems in a pile, we would all be quick to take ours back."  It could always be worse so take the time to be appreciative of all that you have and that's around you instead of waiting to be inspired.

Moral of the story:  Always look in the mirror first!

This time next week...BITTERSWEET!!!

This time of year has always been my favorite.  Its a reason to be extra cheerful, generous, grateful and surrounded by friends and family.  You begin to count and name your blessings one-by-one.  There is no doubt that this time of year will be extremely difficult for my family with the physical absence of my mother.  While counting my blessings, I am grateful for the people God has placed in my life.  My mother was always my first call, text or email and now that I don't have that option, I have found her sending her words of wisdom through those I would least expect.  Listen wholeheartedly to those around you that you trust and have your best interests at heart.  You never know where the message may be coming from and you don't know WHO God will use to send it to you.

The moral of this story is to listen!  Listen with BOTH EARS :) and be patient with the information given.  Even if its not what you want to hear, take a step back to digest and apply it where you can.


Destined for GREATNESS!!!

Over the weekend I had several conversations regarding if it is "easier" to just be an "average person."  We all know average people do average things.  We know they settle for mediocrity, rarely aspiring or even reaching their goals.  At the end of each conversation, we all agreed that we are destined for greatness!!! Although it is a constant struggle - reporting to a job that may not pay you your worth, not being able to do what you love because you have to pay the bills - we ultimately understand that there is a BIGGER PICTURE!

I believe Jay-Z said it best in Can I Live, "I'd rather die enormous than live dormant."  I believe those of us that consider ourselves to be great can identify with this statement.  Everyone has dreams and aspirations but the major difference between an average person and a GREAT INDIVIDUAL is... having the tenacity and determination needed in order to achieve them.  Could you imagine if Marcus Garvey was an average individual with no hopes and dreams, what about Michael Jordan, Michelle Obama, The Black Panthers, Diddy, Angela Davis, or our President???  Although being average may appear easier, why settle when we come from a long line of greatness?  Wouldn't you rather your name be added to this list one day?  I know I would!!

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