My 2011 Bucket List...

Most are familiar with the movie "The Bucket List," where Morgan Freeman's character writes a list of things he wanted to complete/do/achieve before he "kicked the bucket."

I have decided to create a 2011 bucket list - which is things I would like to complete/do/achieve before the year 2012.  I know tomorrow is not promised, so why put off for tomorrow what I can do today.  Hence why my list is for the year of 2011 and not before I "kick the bucket."  I believe in breaking things down, the easier you make things, the easier they are to achieve.

Here is my list..
Pass the math praxis
Learn to play Chess
Complete my second Masters degree
Take a drawing/painting/pottery class
Apply and begin classes for my PhD
Apply and become lead counselor/vice principal
Get a part time job
Take a girls trip somewhere with a beach - no boys allowed
Visit Japan, Miami, Dominican Republic
Take a belly dancing class
Write more blogs per week
Become a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend

I plan to add more.  What does your 2011 list look like?

Countdown to 2011

Three days and counting. 2011 here we come.  Are you ready??? I know I am.  I am claiming 2011 to be a year of spiritual growth and understanding and financial prosperity, not only for myself but for everyone.

What promises/resolutions are you making for 2011?  
What changes are you prepared to make to become a better YOU?


Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday season.



T.G.F.T. is an acronym for Thank God For Today... All week I have been saying "I can't believe 2011 is just two weeks away."  Well it is!  It is evident that time waits for no one and will keep moving regardless if we want it to or not.

I woke up this morning thinking about the things I wanted to do differently in 2011.  I'm going to change this or that, etc.  Then I thought to myself, wait, let me Thank God For Today.  Why don't I start everything I want to change today instead of waiting two weeks??!!  Why not appreciate that he has given me today instead of putting things off for a day that isn't promised to me.  We all know that is just an excuse to continue doing the same foolishness we've been doing.

Instead of waiting two weeks to make a resolution, I am making a promise to myself that I will make an effort to change some things in my life, starting today, right now, with this very moment HE has given me, because I am grateful.

Be encouraged today because tomorrow isn't promised...


Museum Exhibit...

Having a discussion with two co-workers about our life goals.  One asked me "they still make women like you?"  Based on our conservation I knew he was referring to the fact that I am 26 years old, not married, no kids, two degrees and a third on the way, nice job, car, etc...

The way he said it, it had such a negative undertone but not allowing anyone to steal my joy - I am choosing to see the positive.  Yes, I am all of those things but why are you talking to me as if I should be behind glass in a museum exhibit.

It is so unfortunate that women like me aren't the norm anymore.  His statement was so immature and unnecessary that I am torn in my response.  What right does he have to say that to me?  Should I attack and defend my personal beliefs and opinions on God's order for my life?  Should I allow society and small-minded people degrade me because I make different choices.  Why can't people just appreciate different views and learn from each other?

So yes, women like us still exist.  We are not extinct and we are always on display if you look a little closer or try a little harder.


Preference vs. Priority

Watching one of my Sunday night guilty pleasures, Brandy and Ray J...Don't judge me.  Niecy Nash and Brandy were discussing how to find a man.  Niecy Nash explained that as we get older and more serious about dating, our thought patterns change from what are our preferences vs. what are our priorities.

We know that preferences are basically choices that we make for ourselves, often weighing them to see which we want or which we could live without.  While priorities are things that take precedence over everything else.  As we get older, our list of preferences of what we want in a significant other become reduced to the necessities or our priorities.  Maybe you once wished for your significant other to make a particular salary, have a bachelors degree, be physically fit, no children, have all of his teeth :) etc.  As you begin to grow and evolve your priorities take precedence.  You want someone God-fearing, who is compassionate, giving and loves unconditionally.

Things that you once considered important, no longer are.  You begin to ask yourself "does the good outweigh the bad?"  Are your priorities being met because if they are, the preferences are the "added bonus" or the icing on the cake.

Preference vs. Priority can be applied in all aspects of your life.  How has your list changed over time?  What are your priorities for your love life, career, personal life or friendships?



I don't know where to start...My mind is racing.  I am experiencing so many emotions, all of which are completely justified.  2010 is been quite the year for myself and my family.  I know there have been many positive things that have happened that I'm sure I can rediscover if I would just look but right now they are...just...simply... overshadowed!!!

I'm angry.
I'm tired.
I'm frustrated.
I'm lost.
I'm sad.
I'm over it.


Keep your circle tight

My friends truly inspire me.  When I think of just how far we've come, to where we are now - it excites me.  It encourages me.  It inspires me.  It ignites the fire inside of me to do more, to achieve more.  I feel we all do this for each other and its what I consider "keeping your circle tight!"

Keeping your circle tight encourages you to surround yourself with likeminded individuals who are goal-oriented, tenacious and determined to succeed in life.  I would also encourage you to pursue a mentor, someone with the knowledge and wisdom to help you navigate through life.  Someone you can call when you have questions and need advice.  Lastly, find a "mentee,"  someone who you can help, offer advice and understand that someone paved the way for you, it's your turn to give back.

Always remain each others biggest fans and supporters.  Send words, prayers and thoughts of encouragement because we all need them from time to time.  Keep your circle tight and impenetrable.

This is dedicated especially to... JM, NS, JB, CL, JB.  Love you ladies :) 

Is there a love language???

According to Gary Chapman, there are 5 Love Languages.

1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Receiving Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch

Discovering what language your significant others love speaks will help to improve your relationship.  It's all about getting to know your partner, their ups/downs and all the quirks in between and how to love them the way they desire to be loved.  This is encouraged for your friendships as well :)

Those that Love "words of affirmation"  desire to hear "I love you" and why exactly you feel that way.  They are often scared by insults and will never forget how you made them feel.

Those that Love "quality time" desire "undivided attention."  Really focus on what they are saying and let them know you truly care for them by not being distracted.

Those that Love "receiving gifts" loves the effort behind the gift not just the material possession.  Its the fact that you thought enough of them to buy something.  Missing a birthday or other major event is not received well.

Those that Love "acts of service" love being helped.  Anything you do that eases the life of the one you love is greatly appreciated.  That can be as simple as cleaning the house, cooking for the night or planning a romantic evening.  Not acknowledging what they do often feels like a slight to their efforts.

Those that Love "physical touch" is not limited to the bedroom.  Just being in the physical presence of the person they love is enough.  Holding hands, rubbing the backs or necks are ways to express their love, care and concern.  Not being available or reducing time spent together will often leave a bad taste in your partners mouth.

After researching, I know I'm a little of all these rolled into one as I'm sure many women are.  Such beautiful, complicated creatures but we are worth being figured out and loved, aren't we!!!

What love language do you speak?  What love language does your partner speak?  Does your partner understand you?

"Be the change you wish to see" - Ghandi

Listening to Louie Armstrong sing "What a Wonderful World" really got me thinking.  Imagine a perfect world, filled with smiling, generous, caring, loving individuals - Oh what a wonderful world it would be.

Mother Theresa said "If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one."  This quote really hit home because we often feel we are just one person, what can I really do???  But I am here to tell you, you CAN make a difference, even in the life of just one person.

Pay it forward or displaying a "Random Act of Kindness", is a concept I became familiar with because my mom watched entirely too much Oprah :) After doing some research, I found there is an actual international Pay it Forward day, April 28th.  The idea of paying it forward is a way to spread kindness, generosity and love without expecting ANYTHING in return.

My plan is to always display kind behavior and in return I hope I will inspire others to do something kind for someone else.  I know you are probably thinking, how can I PAY it forward it my funds are limited, below are some suggestions... Imagine how good you will feel making someone else feel good.  I dare you to try it.

Pray for someone!!!
Pay for someone's morning coffee.
Mentor a young child.
Call a friend just to say hello.
Compliment a complete stranger.
Encourage someone.
Visit the elderly during the holidays
Teach a child something you wish someone taught you
Show respect
Give someone the benefit of the doubt
Allow the person to merge in front of you in traffic
Make a donation
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
Volunteer at a local shelter
Hold the door open for someone

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