Lessons learned on a Tuesday Night...

OMG. I was sitting randomly at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel for twenty minutes before some person decided to turn around and go the other way!!! Needless to say, the rest of the cars followed. I hit detour on my GPS and we were on our way. Where we were going, I'm not sure.  Lesson:  Stay prayerful. All I do know was the potholes were serious, it was dark as all hell and I was the only car that was going down that particular street. I eventually saw signs for 695 and remember my cousin saying something about that so I kept going. The damn blasted GPS sent me across Baltimore Harbor Tunnel headed back towards the direction I had just come from only to say "recalculating" once I paid an unnecessary toll!!! UGH.  Thank the lord for the "EZ Pass" because I would have been washing windows in order to collect enough change to pay the toll. Lesson:  Always be prepared (Isn't that the boy/girl scouts motto??)

Now with just my luck, The bridge that was just shut down, where I was sitting amongst many other cars for what seemed like an eternity.  I can see they opened the bridge back up on that side and people are driving through. Lesson: Be Patient! But no, lil' Ms. Impatient Stacy just had to follow everyone else because "I'm too busy to sit in traffic and I'm too tired to wait." Lesson:  Don't be so quick to follow others.  Now I'm driving through parts of the state of Maryland, that I have never seen, nor would I ever want to see again hoping to see a sign that says 95 North aka HOME!!! After circling for about 20 extra minutes at midnight, there it was a big green sign (that's all it was to me without my glasses on, until it came into view) 95N Baltimore/New York! Yes, full steam ahead. I turned right, looped around the ramp and began to see things that I recognized. Lesson: Just relax, God is always in control. 

Driving home, there were a million thoughts running through my head. Its so late. I have to work in the morning. How many hours of sleep am I going to get? What the heck am I going to wear? I hope the work day goes by fast so I can take a nap. Then I realized why I made the trip and how much fun I had laughing and joking with my family. How the conversation flowed so effortlessly and was filled with laughter. How a room of eight people felt like a family reunion. How inspiring my brother is. How much I love my cousins. How much I am daddy's baby girl. The two hour drive, there and back was worth spending five hours with my family on a Tuesday night. Lesson: Family = Love. 

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