Don't say yes...when you really mean no

Just venting.

I am a firm believer that "my word is my bond."  I consider myself to be someone who is very loyal and a person that others can depend on.  With that being said,  I become easily angered when people tell me something and don't follow through, when they say they will do something and never come through.  I understand things happen, after all that's life.  But I also believe there is a a such thing as common courtesy.    Just tell me something came up and you are no longer able to do what you originally said.  I would understand and say thank you for letting me know.  Which brings us to the situation...

I asked a former employer, one whom I admired and was so grateful to have worked under them, one whom I felt I had a great relationship with to write a letter of recommendation for me.  I asked as of today at least 10 months ago.  The immediate response was "of course!"  You never want to be annoying or bothersome to someone you have asked to do something for you, but I felt compelled to ask again after two months.  "Oh yes, of course!  Stacy I'm sorry I've just forgot."  Understanding she is human and has her own life with its own trials and tribulations, I said "no worries."  I text her and tried to remind her nicely and she asked me to send her "talking points" which I sent immediately via email.  Two weeks passed and I emailed again, she claimed to never have received it and I forwarded the original email which she said she finally received and confirmed again she would write the letter for me. Another two weeks passed, which bring us to today.  Yes, I am still recommendation-less and I am FURIOUS!  I sent her a final email hoping she would redeem herself and it simply stated "If I don't here from you after this, then I will already assume the obvious.  Thanks anyway."  So here I am still upset because I don't understand why people say yes, when they really mean no.  Why agree to something and never actually do it.

A Frustrated Woman Of Her Word!


  1. That would really make my blood boil! Good luck with your recommendation letters. Getting good recommendations is a task in itself.

  2. Thank you so much. I am still very angry, most of all hurt by her dishonesty but you know it is what it is right.


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