The greatest mother of all time died on March 9th!

My mother Kathleen "Kathy" Richards was such an amazing woman.  It is so hard to write anything about her because I feel it would never be enough, it could never truly match how I feel about her and what she means to me.  I am trying my best to hold on to: the Lord works in mysterious ways but its difficult not to ask the question why?

There was not a day that went by that I didn't speak to my mother, our bond was very strong and she knew me better than anyone else.  Our family unit was one many admired and we owe it all to her, she was the glue that kept EVERYTHING together.  Her laugh was infectious, her smile -bright, her spirit - warm and inviting, her style - impeccable, her attitude-BROOKLYN :)

I feel her presence everyday and I know she is with me.  This morning the very first song that played AT RANDOM was...Going up Yonder by Walter Hawkins.  Its kinda hard to not notice signs from God like that.  I cried like a baby knowing my mom isn't physically her but she is with me at all times in spirit and for now I find comfort in that.

I miss you mom.

Going up Yonder lyrics...

If you want to know
Where I'm going?
Where I'm going, soon

If anybody ask you
Where I'm going
Where I'm going soon

I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
To be with my Lord

I can take the pain
The heartaches they bring
The comfort in knowing
I'll soon be gone

As God gives me grace
I'll run this race
Until I see my Savior
Face to face

I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
To be with my Lord


  1. Best Gospel Song ever... She's telling you something sweetie.. She's saying she's fine and she's with you even when you feel alone... I know its tough.. i know time doesnt heel any wound but it allows us to get through the hard times such as today... Your Mom was a very sweet person and she is now watching over you...

  2. I pray that God will continue to comfort you and be your strength. Your mom sounds like an amazing person and I bet she was....I pray that God will continue to lead and direct you in the right path.

  3. Thank you both. It really means a lot to be able to express how I feel. I appreciate your kind words and it really helps me through this difficult time.


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