Sitting at the airport...sad..nervous...with a terrible feeling in my stomach.  I'm leaving beautiful Charlotte.  Yes I cried as my dad pulled off...Its always bittersweet.

This has been the best Spring Break that I have ever had.  I am so glad I spent the entire 10 days with my dad.  Its something about the south that just calms my spirit.  I will always be a city girl at heart but I wouldn't mind having a love affair with the south :)

Today being Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday.  I view this as the Christian New Year.  This is an opportunity for you to start over and accomplish those things you set out to do and may have forgotten about.  Take this time for yourself, I know I plan to.

Enjoy today because it is a gift.  Appreciate it :)  Loving the simple things in life...


  1. Glad you had a good spring break dear. Summer cometh soon!!!


  2. Enjoy your return to work, as much as you can


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