First three days are always the hardest...

Happy Saturday and Day 2 of my spending fast.  They say once you get through the first three days, the rest seems like a breeze.  Well between yesterday and today, I have seen more fashion ads, more sale ads, received more coupons via regular mail and email and had this intense itch to go spend money.  But so far, I have remained strong and not spent any money on anything extra.

I wanted to share with you the guidelines of my spending fast, in case you decide to join me on this financial journey.

What you can purchase during the Financial Fast:
Essential items such as food and medicine
Essential personal hygiene products
Essential items that would be required for your job (pantyhose, uniform, etc)
Essential items for your family (for example, school supplies)
Essential items for your home (for example, cleaning products)

Examples of what you shouldn't do over the next three weeks:
     Don’t go to the mall (if you do - leave the wallet at home)
     Don’t shop online
     Don’t browse through retail catalogs
     Don’t buy meals outside the home
     Don’t go to the movies or spend money on entertainment
    Don’t use debit or credit cards (Only use cash)
    Don’t allow yourself to buy things you know you shouldn't


  1. Good luckn on the financial fast! The hubby and I had to do this when we were saving for our house and wedding. It's hard at first, but after a while you don't miss it. (Like giving up something for Lent.)

    We are kind of fasting right now, focusing on purchasing items to get ready for baby. We are also trying to not eat out. We have been pretty good, but once (maybe twice) a week we may grab something. Otherwise, we'll come up with something quick to cook.

  2. Thank Toya! You are so right, I know after a while I won't miss it and not spending will become my new habit. Not eating out is something major for me because I enjoy nothing more than putting my feet up underneath someone else's table lol. But I made sure to purchase any items I may want to eat especially for breakfast this weekend so no unnecessary runs to WAWA. Be blessed and thanks for the comments/inspiration :)


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