Half way...

Today is April 15th and it marks the official half way point of my spending fast.  I am really proud of myself because I have talked myself out of unnecessary purchases such as clothing, food, etc.  I have rearranged my closet and took inventory of all I actually have.  I have always packed lunch for work, it was breakfast I was spending on everyday.  During my grocery trip, I made sure to purchase items I could pack and eat for breakfast on a daily basis.  Looking at that financially in itself has saved me a lot of money.

One (6) pack of bagels = $3.50
One tub of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese = $2.50
One Gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice = $3.00 (It was 2 for $6.00) poured into my own carrying container
Total = $12.00

Wawa or Dunkin Donuts
One bagel + Cream Cheese = $1.85
20oz Orange Juice = $2.00
Total = $3.85 x 5 days a week = $19.25

Thats a savings of $7.25 per week.  At least that can get me two gallons of gas :)

This is just one of the ways I see savings and it makes me happy, I feel accomplished.  How have you been saving???

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  1. Wow. I knew that eating out was costly but to actually see the numbers is astonishing. Thanks for the enlightenment and the reality check friend.


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