Spending a little too fast caused a financial fast :)

I am grateful to see today because I know we shouldn't put things off for tomorrow that we can do today.  But new beginnings always have more meaning to me when they are started on the 1st of the month.  With that being said...Today on April 1st, 2011, I begin my 30-day SPENDING FAST!!!

I started keeping track of my spending through my check register especially for my debit purchases because we are so quick to swipe and then we forget what or where we spent the money.  Then later we end up in a financial bind thinking you had more in your account than you did.  I have a register in my wallet for each of my checking accounts (I have 3!)  But keeping track didn't help me to realize that my balance was drastically being reduced by the day.  Which prompted me to make some significant changes, my financial  goal is not a house, a pair of CL shoes, a trip - my goal simply is to watch my SAVINGS ACCOUNT GROW.

Today I will make a list of my income (salary) subtracted by my outcome (bills/expenses) and the remainder or excess should be my automatic savings.  I have a savings account through ING Direct and money is automatically deposited every two weeks from my paycheck but I now see that more money could be sent to savings especially if I am able to make DAILY runs to Target or Walmart for nothing specific and EVERYTHING in general.

Will you join me on my spending fast.  Are there areas in your finances that you can limit for just 30 days?  Wouldn't you love to see your savings account grow?  I challenge you as I challenge myself!!!  Best wishes :)


  1. I'm up for the challenge! We can do it!

  2. I'm with you, Lady! I like starting things on the first of the month too or the first day of the week. Makes me feel "even!" LOL! I am up for the challenge considering I spend a lot of money on fast food. YIKES, I said it! I am the "hamburgler!" I'll work on financial discipline with you. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. This is an excellent idea...I type as I just came back from having spent $225 in Target...Good job and you keep me inspired.

  4. I am excited that you are willing to accept the challenge Atiya. No more fast food or limit your visits to once a day or one item at a time. Best wishes and keep me posted.

    $225 woah!!! I hope everything was a necessity!!!

  5. In the last two years, we bought a house, got married, survived a layoff, and had a baby. Spending fast is in full effect.

  6. The spending fast sounds like a great idea. I might have to try this. I don't know if I could completely abstain from spending money, but it would be a way to get spending under control and practice discipline.


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