Tidy Tuesday

Today is Day 5 of my financial fast and I am very proud of myself.  Yesterday I fought the urge to spend unnecessary money on food when there was food already in my freezer and fridge, I also fought the urge to waste unnecessary gas by driving to the restaurant of choice when gas is $3.60 a gallon!!!  (That's a blog in itself!)

I entitled this blog "Tidy Tuesday" because I used today to gather all of my finances.  You cannot change what you can't see.  

1.  Write down all of your expenses/ their payment amounts/ due date.  This can be done on a piece of paper or on a calendar.

2.  Total all expenses

3.  Write down total income after taxes

4.  Subtract expenses from income

5.  Anything left over = SAVINGS!!!

Then I list how soon my bills can be paid off if I sent just a little extra (am ex, car note, etc).  Believe it or not an extra $5.00 a month can go a long way.  I challenge you to write everything down, look at it, study it and make a financial plan/goals for yourself.


  1. When the hubby and I combined our finances in preparation for the wedding and house, we did just this. Excel is my best friend. I note due dates, pay off dates, etc. I recently got a mint.com account. Now THAT is an eye opener.

  2. I always used to send a little extra and then would treat myself on a vacation month but not having to pay that bill and using it as spending money :-) Keep up the good work

  3. I'm right with you girl! Great book. Suze Orman, Young, Fabulous and Broke. It has great advice for people our age.



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