Five days in PARADISE!!!

I spent five days in St. Croix U.S.V.I. (Paradise) and it was truly an amazing experience.  I have been several times as a child and even spent a couple of summers there with my grandparents.  But going back as an adult was something new, something special.  It was the vacation I needed, the break I needed.

My significant other and I were able to fall deeper in love with each other all while looking out into the ocean from our beach front all-inclusive resort.  It gets no better.

I also learned that my Grandpa Bup was "THE MAN" on the island.  He was known all over town, he helped to lay the roads, he had prize race horses, and was on the original label of CRUZAN RUM.  How cool is that???  There are just some things you begin to appreciate as an adult, like all of the history I learned about the island and my family.

We also celebrated the birthday of my Aunt Polly who turned 75!!  I am so happy to be a part of this family because they have such great genes.  I'm looking forward to aging if I look as good as my aunts!!!  I ate myself sick of all the delicious west indian food and everyone knows how much I love to eat!! I can't wait to learn how to make my own Johnny Cakes...YUM!!!

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