I'm Engaged!!!

While we were in beautiful St. Croix, my babe got down on one knee and proposed to me.  It was very romantic, special and something I will never forget.  Being engaged feels like I'm walking on a cloud and I can't stop smiling.  

Since we were in St. Croix with my Dad and aunts, I announced it the next morning (enter the waterworks) but we had to wait to tell our friends simply because of that $1.99 PER MINUTE CHARGE!!!  Once we got back to the states, I started calling all of my close friends and family because finding out via facebook is a BIG NO-NO in my opinion.

This is my first and hopefully ONLY engagement/wedding etc. so I don't know the proper etiquette but I was confused by some of the questions people asked once I said We were engaged.  Such as:  Did you say yes?  (I don't think I would be telling anyone if I said no) Are you happy? (again...would I tell you if I wasn't?) Did he really propose?  (Huh, what?) Do you have the ring?  (Do people propose without something sparkly in a box?)  When is the date? Why are you waiting so long? (Because we don't want to go into debt!  and Are you writing the checks?)

But I just brush it off and keep smiling, I answer the questions regardless of how shocked I am.  I am truly happy and in love.  Let me know what you think and what your experiences were.


  1. So happy for you! People do ask dumb questions but I don't think they mean any harm. Lol. I have a question, how do you know how to wear the ring? If you wear it so you can see the heart it is upside down to the world and vice versa. Lol...leave it to me!

  2. awww....how romantic!!! I am so happy for you, so when is the date? I am just kidding, I couldn't resist. Take your time Hun, its all about you and your babe!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!! I know they don't mean any harm and I'm laughing and your questions too :) I am wearing the ring upside down to me so the rest of the world can see my heart. MUSHY MOMENT!!!

  4. congrats to you - people do ask weird questions when you first engaged and make random statements about what kind of wedding you should have, but just stay focused and remember that its all about you and your fiance' - no one else. I totally understand what you mean about debt, when I got married we didn't put a single thing on a credit card, if we couldn't afford it we left it alone and have no debt from our wedding. Taking your time is smart so that you can spread out your payments.

    If you ever need any help in the wedding department, please let me know :)

    Congrats again!

  5. Mima Deville - thank you so much!!!

    Jin @ The Irie Mommy Diaries - Thank you so much for confirming I wasn't crazy :) I would love any info/insight you could share - PLEASE DO!!!

  6. I Agee with Irie mommy we had a beauitful wedding of our dreams debt free! Just save save save and make it happen in your time!

  7. Congrats! this is such a special time so I'm glad you decided to just smile through the annoying questions. I was never really officially engaged. I kinda announced im getting married in a month, people would sorta glance at my hand then just say oh congrats :)

  8. Congratulations!!! Love is a beautiful thing.


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