Spending Fast comes to an end :(

  As you know I've been on a spending fast for the entire month of April.  I did very well and I am proud of myself.  I saw plenty of changes in my finances and I was able to add more to my ING savings account.

I did have some slips when I went to visit my father in Charlotte, NC and I will blame my cousin for making me buy these two pairs of shoes but I just couldn't pass them up.  What do you think???  Do you love them just as much as I do???


  1. oh yes yes yes!!!
    You have good taste in shoes...I love them!

  2. Thanks!! I knew I couldn't pass them up!!!

  3. Love both of these but that one to the right....you can mail them to me ASAP!!! THEBOMB.COM!!!!


  4. Roni - Aldo Girl!!! Get you a pair!!!! Love your blog too!!!


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