The theme for today seems to be friendship.  First I was inspired after reading "5 Friends Every Woman Should Have by Michelle Burford on Oprah.com. Then, I had amazing conversations with my besties.  Lastly,  I received text msgs from two of my friends, who are ALWAYS right on time!!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by a group of friends who not only inspire me but truly add VALUE to my life.  Who are you surrounded by?  Do you have one friend in each of these categories or at least one friend who fulfills them all?  Are you adding value to the lives of your friends?

1. The Uplifter
This woman's favorite word: yes. You could tell her you're trading your six-figure income for a career in offtrack betting, and she'd barely pause before yelping "Go for it!" Don't you need someone who looks past the love handles to notice the extraordinarily gorgeous you?

2. The Travel Buddy
When the hotel in St. Lucia is a bust, one characteristic becomes all-important: flexibility. This agreeable companion need not be the girl you traded pinkie swears with on the playground; it's enough that she's comfortable with quiet (between gabfests) and is a teensy bit mischievous (as in tequila after midnight).

3. The Truth Teller
Intent is what separates the constructive from the abusive. Once you've established that the hard news is spoken in love (not in jealousy or malice), you'd be smart to seek out this woman's perspective.

4. The Girl Who Just Wants to Have Fun
One Saturday a pal and I—and yes, we're both over age 12—pored over every glitter lip gloss in a drugstore aisle for an entire 45 minutes. Forget the crisis download (for that, see the Uplifter); this partnership is about spontaneous good times.

5. The Unlikely Friend
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive," Anaïs Nin wrote. My friends—some twice my age, others half, some rich, others homeless, some black like me, others Korean, Mexican, Caucasian—have added richness to my life that only variety can bring. 


  1. Awww I love this post! I'm glad to know I have friends who fit into every category, haha! Wahoo :)

    Totally following you! Follow for a follow?


  2. LOVES IT!! I think I have exactly one of each. And the buck stops there. I used to love being in the company of a bunch of people. Theeenn, I realized that majority of those people weren't my true friends. And let's face it, no one wants to hang out with a bunch of phonies. So now I keep my circle small! Great post!


  3. Carrymel - Thanks for the follow!!! Doesn't it feel good knowing you have each particular type of friend??!!

    MissRockwell - I hear you 100%! Isn't it funny as you get older the circle gets smaller?! Keep it right - Keep it TIGHT lol. It is always important to hang out with people that add value to your life!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing... I use to have a FAVE FIVE circle but seems like the older I get the more my circle becomes a square. I'm praying that I can be a better friend and likewise for the few that are among me. However, I have found some strangers to support and treat me better than a friends. Lately, my friends are becoming strangers and strangers are becoming friends!

    BTW, you are a LEO just like MOI! :))

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I'm now following you as well. Great blog and I love this post! :)

    xo//Andrea Marie

  6. LA Lynn - LEO'S RULE!!!! As we get older and more mature our opinions change and that often includes those we surround us with. Keep me posted on your progress of becoming a better friend!!!

    Andrea Marie - Thanks for the blog love and the follow, I love your blog - keep posting!!!

  7. Hello Rose! I love this post! I remember reading it back in an issue of the "O" magazine as well. While I can't say I have a friend in each category, a few of the tried-and-true friends I have fit more than one category. Like some of the other ladies mentioned, as I get older some friends I had were not adding to the value of my life so they are no longer a part of my circle. I believe in quality of friendship over quantity of friends any day!

    Love the blog, doll. Now following :)

  8. Miss Dre..you are so right about quality over quantity!! As long as you at least one friend that fulfills all of the categories thats what matters!! Thanks for following!!!

  9. <3 So true yet so hard to find!
    I've met some amazing friends in college and I am SO happy to have met them. I love them!!

    Thanks for sharing these foundations!

    Kimberly, FWB

  10. Great post and blog! I can happily say I have all five (a couple in the same person). I can also relate to the quality of friends over the quantity of friends.

    Definitely following!

  11. Thank you for stopping by. I'm going to follow your blog. NOthing better than positivity! :))


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