Recently I had the opportunity to create an amazing group with some friends from college that celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of other women. The group seeks to promote positivity amongst women as well as being used as a tool to network and reconnect.  After reading each bio, I like to comment, showing my appreciation and admiration for these women.  Since graduating we've gone off to "attack" life for all it has to offer and we have truly done a great job!  This group has truly inspired and motivated me to continue on a path of progression and achievement.  I think its really important for women to be able to feel confident and comfortable in their accomplishments and to be celebrated by their peers.  Often times we are so negative towards each other and are quick to put others down.  I salute all the women who are doing "BIG THANGS."  You inspire me!!!  Who run the world...GIRLS!!


  1. One of the reasons why are predecessors were so successful is because they had a village to help, encourage, and inspire them. I think it is wonderful that you have found a way to reach the masses by creating our own virtual village. Thank you for connecting us to our past, each other, and the future. :-)

  2. :) Still waiting for you to post your accomplishments!!! You are amazing friend

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Tanya!!! Girl power is right :)


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