Thank you!!!

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of followers, my roses.  I started my blog after checking out one of my college buddies, Toya over at www.toya-quarterlifechronicles.blogspot.com.  Make sure to check out her blog.  

I was dealing with the loss of my mother, whom I would speak to about everything, everyday and I no longer had that outlet.  I thought why not blog, why not give it a try and so I did.  I wasn't sure of the direction at first but it has quickly turned into a positive place for people to receive positive messages.  I try to write things that have an optimistic outlook, positive ending or some type of lesson learned.  

I want to sincerely thank each of you for stopping by, reading my thoughts, commenting and most of all following.  It is truly appreciated and I am grateful.  


  1. aww de nada, hun! <3 I love your blog!

  2. Thanks love yours as well. Feel free to send your friends over to check it out :)

  3. Aww thank you too for sharing your positive thoughts and encouragement with us.

  4. What a perfect time for me to stop by your blog!

    I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. It breaks my heart that you no longer have her in your life. But I think it is a wonderful reason tostart blogging.

    And your blog is very beautiful. :)

  5. thank you for your comment and following! now following back!

  6. Thanks for your comment. I don't see u following yet. Interesting blog :) keep it up xo

  7. Jennifer Fabulous - thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it!!

    Andrea Grace - thanks for the follow :)

  8. Why you are very welcome. Glad that I can be a part of this with you :)


  9. When God takes away a rose petal he will always send a Rosebud to bloom!!! ~Continue to water the seeds and watch it grow... I wish NOTHING but blessings upon you as your blog has been a blessing to me and I'm sure to others as well.
    So, I thank you Sis & I'm glad to be apart of such a positive blog!!!!


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