Lately my life has been filled with constant transition and I am trying my best to hold on for the ride as well as find balance in every situation.

First:  My hair.  I have not had a perm going on two years.  Thank God for my godmother and her flat ironing skills and the dominicans for a great pin curl/roller set.  Everyone is shocked to find out that I don't have a perm.  But with this heat, I have a mini afro at the roots and straight hair at the ends.  I can imagine rockin' a big beautiful curly style with little to no maintenance.  I don't plan on doing a big chop so I am searching for cute in between styles that will hold up in this heat.  Any suggestions besides micros??? Transition in this aspect has its pros and cons.

Second:  My hobbies.  In college, I maintained five classes, served on the board of several different organizations, worked three different jobs at any given time not to mention establishing friendships and participating in other college activities :)  Since graduating from both undergrad and graduate school, my hobbies have dwindled and at times I have found myself very BORED!!  Thus being another transition I must overcome.  I could choose to become complacent and settle for an average life of just going to work and coming home, although that may be enough for some - it's not for me.

  1. I got a part-time job which is a great way to end boredom and get paid for it :)
  2. My friends and I were able to start an AMAZING group full of Undeniably Determined women and I am so eager and excited to see all that we have planned flourish into something great.
  3. I am pursuing another M.Ed - which is another great way to avoid remaining average and excelling academically and professionally.

I will continue to add to this list to help me transition from College Stacy to Young Adult Stacy.  Any tips you guys can offer me would be greatly appreciated...


  1. Have you tried a rod set? (Perm rods, flexi-rods, or even curlformers) I liked them because if the roots reverted they blended well with the rest of my hair. You can always retouch by putting another roller in. And if it really gets messed up you can do a cute pin-up style or ponytail/puff.

    And I love Undeniably Determined! I've already connected with so many people. I'm very excited and motivated by all the positive energy from this group. Thanks for starting it!

  2. Yes I have a curly mohawk this morning and I am rockin' it. Lol. I usually just roll my hair with rollers and I get a nice curly afro. Clearly I am going to start curling much tighter like you said using the rods, I'm pretty sure it will last longer too.

    Thank you for being an Undeniably Determined woman!!

  3. Hey thank you for stopping by by blog! I appreciate the comment! But to comment on this post, I know how you feel, my life for the past 5 years have been a constant transition, from epilepsy, to no epilepsy, different schools, no job, but through it all God had been good to me! Nice blog by the way!


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