Can't thank you enough...

Thank you Carrymel for this lovely award.  I really appreciate it.  
Check out her blog here http://carrymel.blogspot.com/

For this award you have to post seven random things about yourself
I love iced tea* I take my vitamins at night* I have to take off my jewelry once I get home in order to feel completely comfortable* I am always cold* My favorite tree is the weeping willow* I do the same pose in all pictures* I can't eat soggy bread

I would like to give this blog award to...


  1. Congrats!
    I am cracking UP! Soggy bread is a no GO! Yes vitamins at night work better for me as well.

    Well deserved!

    i love ur blog!


  2. Thanks on the blog award! Great blog!!! I am not following :-)

    Also, thanks so much for awarding me the award!!! I am very honored! Thanks You Kindly!


  3. IG2S - OMG I could never eat sandwiches with cheese as a child because it made the bread soggy - it still upsets me lol. I love your blog as well and can't wait to try some of the recipes :)

    Roni - You're welcome on the blog - please keep posting. Thanks for following!!

  4. Yes, for this signature pose!! I mean why not!! I've never thought to take my vities at night! Does that help with the nauseated feeling...I would assume so! This would also encourage/remind me to brush my teeth at night!!

    Thanks again!! #following


  5. Hi Kay,

    Exactly if it ain't broke why fix it??? :) Vitamins at night do help with the nauseated feeling especially since most people take them on an empty stomach. I guess I should start brushing at night too :/ and thanks for following :)

  6. Heyyy Roseee :]

    I'm always cold too! My boyfriend can't stand it because he's always hot. You'd be surprised how much a difference of body temperature can cause friction in a relationship lol.


  7. Carrymel you are so right. We have those same issues over here. I just make sure to always have a blanket or a sweater to throw on. Oh well :)


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