Remix Challenge

Ok so I was supposed to do challenge posts #11 and #12 which are - Another picture of you and your friends and How you found out about Blogger and why you made one but I feel like I've already blogged about both topics.  So I'm going to do a remix.

My Birthday is fast approaching and I thought I would do a wish list.  The below list consists of... 
1.  Things I would purchase if money grew on trees!!!

so here goes...
A trip anywhere preferably on a ship

To remodel a room into my closet

What girl doesn't want a pair of red bottoms??
White range rover - the perfect "future" mommy car!
Traveling in style

So what's on your wish list???


  1. I like your wishlist! I think I would just change the range rover to an audi:)

  2. My list would include
    no more debt
    a fabulous house/car
    I would buy an island or something too, hehe
    Clothes shoes galore.

  3. Your wish list could be mine! all of it :)

    P/s Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Have a great weekend!


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