Who would have thought???

I was given the "Best Blog" award from Crystal over at www.churchgirlchic.blogspot.com.   Please check out her blog.  I am so grateful for this award!!  Rules for the award are to post 7 facts about yourself and to answer the questions listed below.

7 facts about me...
I love playing the Michael Jackson experience on the wii
I think you can never have on too many accessories
I make sure to cook enough dinner to pack lunch for the next day
I love mentoring and inspiring young girls
I don't drink alcohol because its too expensive
I love reality tv but often get upset at myself for watching the foolishness :)
I'm in love with all forms of bread!!!

Favorite Color: I love them all...yes even lime green :)
Favorite Song: Someday we will all be free by Donny Hathaway
Favorite desert: Creme brulee
Biggest Pet Peeve- People who waste my time/People who ask questions they already know the answer to
When you are upset you...Talk to my fiancee, Dad, brother and besties :)
Favorite Pet: NONE!!!
Black or White???: Gray :)
Biggest Fear: Walking into a clothing rack at the mall, falling up the stairs, not achieving my dreams
Best Feature: My Smile
Everyday Attitude: Smiling makes everything better :)
What is perfection: Being in love with my best friend, having great friends, having an amazing family.
Guilty Pleasure: food, shoes and accessories 

Giving this blog award too...


  1. Just lovely... What am I going to do with ALL these GRAMMY'S!!!! (Hehehehe)
    It's MUCH appreciated!!!!

    BTW, I agree that smiling makes everything better! :))

  2. Just make room for them on your blogger mantle :)

  3. Congrats to you miss lady! You deserve it :)

  4. Aweee!! Thank you so much for the award!

    And congrats on receiving your award. Loved learning more about you!

  5. Thanks Inez you deserve it :) thanks for commenting!!

  6. Hey girl, sorry for posting this so late but I loved the blog and you deserved this!
    Much love to you!
    P.S you never can have to many accessories!n (hehe)


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