Accident or Publicity???

First Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, then Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and now Ciara.

Not to mention the countless other celebrities (there are a total of 370!) that have had nip slips.  One has to begin to wonder if its an accident or a publicity stunt.  I mean yes, they are dancing pretty hard in little-to-no clothing but why do all the accidents seem to occur around the same time of album releases or right before we begin to forget the name of a celebrity.

It isn't enough that sex fills more and more of the lyrics of the songs on the radio, now I have to wonder if my students or baby cousins will accidentally see what should be considered a "private part."

Just my thoughts...what do you think??


  1. I wonder the same, in my youthful exuberance I will say that i surely don't mind lol. But without a doubt it happens a lot, they need to just take better precaution.

  2. Publicity stunt... Most definitely!

  3. I believe it's most definitely publicity. The nip slips create a buzz and draws the audience to the said photo. With Beyonce getting out the car, that just happened and with Janet, I think they didn't expect a negative reaction therefore called it an accident.

  4. Nip slips, Boob Flop... or whatever they call it. It all needs to STOP!!!! I think it is most def a Publicity Stunt. It is said that SEX sells so they are doing whatever to make $$$. And, if NOT then why wear something that risk the possiblity of that happening.

  5. Glad to know I am not by myself in my opinion. I agree with..why wear things and take the risk of having something fall out of someplace. It really isn't that hard..people are not having nip slips in their work meetings or at the community events. I hate the fact that it creates buzz and actually helps them make more money. Its extremely frustrating trying to teach my young girls and have to fight against the celebs they love....

  6. BTW @LA LYNN Boob Flop???? HILARIOUS!

  7. Publicity stunt... Most definitely!

    Tired of them!!!

    Just come out naked with you *TITS* out already and be done with it!

    NEXT lol


  8. Hilarious IG2S. No we need everyone to keep their boobies covered please!!


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