Are you serious???

Is this really today's date???
Again, I ask...Are you serious?  Where did the time go? I was off work for a glorious 8 weeks where I was able to sleep in, walk slowly, shop during the day, indulge in "me" time, cook more extensive meals for my honey, travel, start businesses and blog more often.  I have truly enjoyed my vacation and I am eager to get back to working with my students.  Everyone knows I am NOT excited about wearing that horrid uniform but I have turned my focus to decorating my office, since thats the only way I will be able to show my personality.  I am going for a Black/White theme with a pop of color.  See pics below and tell me what you think??

Wouldn't you want to go to the counselors office if it looked like this...
photo credit www.decorpad.com

On my list of things to purchase/to-do:
Print Inspirational Quotes to place in frames around office
Print new sign that reads Ms. Richards - Counselor to the FUTURE STARS!
Purchase carpet/artwork for office
Purchase a mini-fridge/coffee maker


  1. Love that carpet!


  2. Hello Rose from Rosedale,

    My name is I Goodie 2 Shoes!
    How can I get 8 weeks of all that you said and with pay!

    Love that office space....
    WELCOME BACK! (in my Welcome Back Kotter voice)


  3. OMG! I'm decorating an office as well! I have this vintage suede purple couch and I was thinking about doing a purple, black and white theme. We'll have to swap ideas!


  4. love that office... man I would live there.. so classy great post

    following ya !!

    Follow me ?


  5. Time flies by when you are having FUN!!!! :D

    That office is on point... I would stay in the office if it looked like that!!!!

  6. @Cookie - Thanks!!!
    @IG2S - I'm a guidance counselor and chose not to work this summer. It was a great 8 weeks!!! - Thanks for the welcome back!!!!
    @Mecca - how exciting!! What do you do??? Swap ideas??? YES PLEASE!!!
    @Lizbeth-Glamstyln' - I'm hoping my students don't want to leave :) Thanks for following and commenting :)
    @LA Lynn - Thanks!! I'm hoping my vision comes out right. Pics coming soon!!!

  7. It went by SO fast. It'll be Christmas before you know it. And LOVE that office!

    Kimberly, FWB

  8. @Kimberly - it sure did! Way too fast. Thanks I'm trying to make it look like that!!

  9. Love the decoration! Thanks for the sweet comment!


  10. I like this blog. cool post. i´d like you check out mine.


  11. i feel you cant believe school is back in session

  12. @Clara Turbay - thanks for commenting and for checking out my blog!!

  13. Love this idea cuz! Definitely what I was thinking of when we were talking.


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