Feeling Blue??

I am in love with this combo.  I bought the jeans and clutch at least two weeks apart but once I saw each piece I knew whatever I paired it with..it would be MAGICAL!

I wore this on a date with just a simple white basic tee and a chunky necklace.  The jeans and the clutch were all the POW you needed.

Colored jeans are going to be major this fall - make sure you get a pair!!!


  1. I agree!! They were big this summer too, Joe's jeans has some lovely colors. Love the combo it's definitely a magical moment when an outfit just comes together with out even trying!

  2. Yes they were big this summer but with this heat. I could not think of peeling myself out of a pair lol. Yes it was amazing. Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. Luving the clutch and that TRUE BLUE!!!!


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