Happy Birthday President Obama!

Happy Birthday to my fellow leo, Mr. President Barack Obama.  He is turning the big 5-0 today!  I believe he deserves a party despite the economic situation of the country.  He is a loving husband, father and wonderful role model.  I support him and I am so glad he won the presidency. I hope he takes some time for himself today - he deserves a break.  SN:  I wish they would stop disrespecting him and please address him accordingly - That's Mr. President to you!



  1. Yesss! I hope he had a very happy one. Never in the history of presidency have I ever seen someone be so blatantly disrespected. Hmmmm...I wonder why that is? Totally pisses me off!


  2. Yes MissRockwell. I scream at the TV all of the time because I just can't believe what I am seeing and hearing. Ugh so frustrating but he is such a role model because he handles it so well, still remains respectful and gets the job done. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Aww I missed his birthday :( Wth? I was definitely alive that day and I didn't even pay attention to the news, etc . .shame on me!

  4. @Carrymel Ohhh..girl and he is a leo!


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