I'm going into my third year as a Secondary School Counselor and the school I'm going to has decided on... UNIFORMS!!(Insert scary movie music here) How can I show my personality in this?? I have not worn a uniform since grade school and even then I hated it. I enjoy getting dressed every morning, I enjoy piecing outfits together and carefully matching accessories.
I love when the outfit comes together like artwork and you look and feel like a masterpiece.


But I desperately need your help...How can I make this fly?  How can I make this my own without looking like every other woman in the building.  I got the blazer/khaki pants from H&M, white shirts from Old Navy and NY&CO and I REFUSE to wear those shoes so I will still to black flats.  



  1. oh em geez! uniforms??!! i'm sorry, hon. and those black shoes?! wise decision to stick to flats. are you allowed to wear black wedges?! i love the pieces that you purchased, i think accessories such as scarves, long necklaces (various designs and metal tone) and bangles will give you a little bit of ooommpphhh! can you wear a pencil cut khaki skirt instead of pants?! those will look cool, too, with a white v-neck or cowl neck with the navy blazer.

  2. Wait?! They want YOU to wear uniforms?! Are you limited to specific colors or is their a uniform you have to wear. This is just horrible. I would relocate just for that. Why would they do such a thing? is this an August fools?

  3. @inHERshoes and qtrlifechronicles - no this is not an AUGUST fools (lmbo) this is very true and very, very sad. They think having EVERYONE wear uniforms will improve the conditions of the schools. Yea right! I know its personally going to make me more stir crazy! I have to stick to those items. I chose to purchase my own stuff so that it would at least give me some type of shape. I am able to wear skirts so I picked up one from NY&CO. I am going to buy A lot of jewelry - good thing I make them. Wish me luck!!

  4. Oh wow...HOT MESS!!! Honey I feel your pain. I would DIE if I had to give up the one thing that I love to reinvent every day....my personal style. I would suggest you incorporate statement jewelry (if you can get away with it). Also, if you're allowed, belt your outfit as well to add a personal touch. Good luck!


  5. This is a really cute post... LOL!!!! Ok, Ok, Ok... I am literally LOL while typing but seriously you will have to make sure that your hair stay FLYY!!!! And, make sure you ROCK assorted accessories daily! Now, I can't help you with those shoes... (sorry sis)! But, I will tell you keep 'em shining and stay smiling!

    Wear the uniform & don't let it wear YOU!!!! U R SURE to make it look FAB because you are a LEO at heart & we were born FABulous... :))


  6. @Shanequa - so you feel my pain!! I will find out if statement
    jewelry/belts are allowed.

    @LA Lynn - laugh at my pain lol!!! I hope we can wear jewelry but I
    will make it fab because you're right LEO's can make ANYTHING look
    good. Hair will always be sharp and so will my smile lol. I refuse to
    wear those shoes - either my tory burch flats or my sparkly glitter
    ones from bakers but those shoes should be BURNED!!!

  7. You look too cute in your "candystriper" outfit!

  8. I would suggest finding ways to pop that uniform with the help of accessories…maybe some colorful scarves and stylish jewelry.But you have one advantage with the uniform…at least you know what to wear everyday to work.

  9. @Simona - Thank you so much for commenting!!

    @Katie Mac - That is what I keep telling myself - my time in the morning will be reduced drastically but that is NOT outweighing the fact I would rather pick out a unique, funky, super fab outfit! thanks for commenting!

  10. As a Schuylerite, I witnessed how people could jazz up a uniform. I was a serious dork, so it wasn't me...but everyone else looked fly. You can find really great fits for your blouses, pants, and skirts. Really cute black shoe options. And then get your individuality with your hair and jewelry.

  11. I'm going to try my best - Pics coming soon.

  12. Wow. I didn't realize that if you worked there you would have to wear the uniforms too. I can see how that can be a bit scary. My main tip would be to accessorize. I would try to wear broaches, maybe a scarf, jewelry. Things like that can excite an outfit. Plus you can wear designed stockings. I'm not sure if you're into bold lipstick but that's another way to express yourself. I personally love reds and pinks. Hope this helps!


  13. @Miss Ellis - thanks so much for commenting. I love the idea of a broach thanks.

  14. wow! can't believe you have to wear uniforms! I would quit! nah just kidding, you can make it your own. Scarves, big jewelry, and pop that collar:) wishing you an awesome school year!

  15. I'm so sorry, but I giggled when I read this post. Why do you have to war the uniform? This is crazy. Whatever you do...DO NOT wear those shoes. Do wear a brown belt to break things up a little. Roll the jacket sleeves up and toss on some accessories. And every now and then, put on scarf and tuck it into your button up. Think Ralph Lauren.

  16. Thank you Chyanne for LAUGHING at my pain - its ok I understand lol. Yes Ralph Lauren is a good way to envision my uniform. Thank you. Its a new direction the district is going to try and revamp schools - UGH!!!

  17. Uniforms...seriously!? I have never heard of such and I'm hoping and praying that my school doesn't decide on this craziness!! Because you're right, how will you be able to express your personality wearing the same thing each day? Bold accessories would work. Can you switch to a skirt, or maybe even different variations of pants (flared legs, wide legs, straight and skinny) and shoes as long as they are black?


  18. Yikes! Yes - like everyone else has been saying - gobs and gobs of accessories! And while you're at it - have fun with your make up. And Bright hair feathers.... Vintage brooches.... funky knee high socks.... an amazing bag... and a smile :) Good luck!




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