Were you wondering???

What's in my purse???

I watch these posts all the time on YouTube and figured I should show what is in my purse.  Sometimes I surprise myself at some of the random things I have in my bag - but I always think what if I need needle/thread or even a stapler. (So what!)
My summer bag - it's oversized and TEAL!  I throw it on with anything and just consider it a way to color block :)  

So here are the contents: 
A Clutch - just in case I end up going out
Mini coach wallet to keep my cards in case I use the clutch
My bedazzled cell phone
My oversized wallet
Cocoa Butter chapstick
Body shop body butter and body spray
A brush (to tame the fly aways)
Twizzlers (My happy snack)


  1. I think having a clutch in your bag is a great idea. Especially for ladies that are on the go/working women...get off work & like you say may go out. Hmmm, I'll have to remember that.

  2. Yes girl. I has come in handy many times!! Thanks for commenting


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