What I wonder?

This random post is filled with thoughts I have.  When I love - I love HARD!

Sometimes I wish people thought like me.  
How is it that you can't respond to a call or a text but you have time to update a facebook status?
Why don't people treat me as well as I treat them?
Why is it you can ask me for something before even asking "how are you doing?"

I understand not everyone is like me and what I do for others will not be done in the magnitude in which I did the original deed nor on the same time frame but would a THANK YOU kill you???  I enjoy listening to others mention things and being able to surprise them with it - it brings me great joy to see others happy but all I want is a text every now saying you were thinking of me (which I also send out every Sunday!)
When I love- I love hard and when I'm hurt - I hurt even harder.  Hoping I grow out of this soon.

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…
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  1. Its hard, I know! I moved away 2 years ago with the plan to move back home, which we are ina few days to be exact!. Some friends kind of just dropped me; I sent email, texts..nothing. I realized sometimes you just have to let go and surround yourself with people that want and appreciate you! :)

  2. i always wonder and it is interesting how much my upbringing makes me think a certain way. i am very much big on manners, just like you said above, saying thank you, responding to a text or call, etc. sometimes i think it's a generation gap, but to each its own. love this post.

  3. How is it that you can't respond to a call or a text but you have time to update a facebook status?

    YES YES YES!! I'm dealing with this right now, and it is so frustrating!! Everyone is busy, everyone has a life. I get it, but email or call me back!

  4. Don't ever wish to grow out of it....it's what makes you uniquely you.

  5. I deal with al of these things! Sometimes it gets to be so frustrating! You treat people well and they don't appreciate it, they can't respond but can post on fb and tweet, and only call you when they need something. UGH!!! I feel your pain darling!

    There is nothing wrong with loving hard. That shows that you have a warm, sensitive soul. One day someone's gonna appreciate that about you and the warmth will be reciprocated. I really do believe good people get their just due in return. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)

  6. @Good Girl Gone Green...Thanks for commenting and following. Its a shame when you think things are one way only to find out they are the complete opposite.

    @inHERshoes..you are absolutely right. It is our upbringing and sometimes i have to remind myself that my upbringing has prepared me correctly for life and I am grateful. It just means now I have the responsibility whether I want it or not to correct others. Such a challenge right?

    @Melissa @ Filling Our Bucket - exactly we all have lives but a response takes two secs. expecially when you are going to call me and ask me for something right?

    @Diva (in Demand) - Thank you. Every now and then you need to be reassured. Thanks for commenting.

    @Miss Dre - I agree with you and I do pray that good wins in the end. My fingers and toes are crossed!!!

  7. I know how you feel. I'm the same way. I love hard and hurt hard. Seems like general manners and kindness are a long forgotten thing with most people.

  8. @Crystal@PoM - I agree 100% its a shame. We have to keep it alive!!!

  9. Rose you took the words RIGHT from up under me!
    LAWD I said this and thought this soooo many times.
    >>>Visit your fellow bloggers and show some love. (I often wonder why we don't do this.) I am thinking that some blogs are more interesting than others so they get more love?

    I miss the good ole days where you would write me a letter and we laugh on the phone and we would call each other up and say hey lets go here or go there!
    I miss the good ole days!
    Love this post...

  10. Thanks for the LOVE IG2S!!!! OMG write a letter that seems so ancient lol! I like calling people just to hear their voice, having a real, live conversation these days is becoming so rare!!!

  11. LEO's do LOVE hard and we go hard in the PAINT for others!!!! Kinda what I posted about in my blog post today... I can sooo RELATE to this post!!!! ~Thanks for sharing.

  12. You probably won't grow out of it. You'll just learn more about the people you surround yourself with and maybe even make different choices in the future. Don't change who you are. Just hope that you'll be a positive influence on others.

  13. @LA Lynn - we sure do! Its frustrating at times but its who we are.

    @all.things.fadra - that is all we can hope and as much as I want to change - Im stuck lol


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