The infamous uniform...

As you may know, most schools have to wear uniforms in my district.  I am not a fan at all for many reasons but thats another blog in itself.  Since I can't change my situation for a year and I'm thankful to have a job - its better that I make the best of my current situation and still be the best counselor I can be.  
In the mean time check out how I have styled that infamous uniform...
(Uniform has to be Navy blazer/sweater, Tan Pants, White Collard/Button-down shirt, Black/brown shoes)

Tan vest and slacks, White Collard Shirt, Navy/Gold necklace, jcrew bracelet, Tory Burch Flats

Tan/white vest, white shirt, tan slacks, bbwives inspired earrings, coach sneakers

Navy sweater, white shirt, cognac belt/boots, tan pants

H&M blazer with tan lining, brown/gold necklace, tan slacks, white shirt, jcrew bracelet

Tan blazer, knee-length skirt, white shirt, coral necklace for pop of color

Oh yes! Navy suspenders!!  White shirt, tan knee-length skirt,  navy necklace

White collard shirt, tan skinny jeans, glitter Toms sneakers and glitter earrings (Friday outfit)

How cute!

Close up of the necklace

Jcrew bracelet

Made by yours truly :)

Love this!

This is a navy blazer I got for $3.00!!! I have to wear the uniform - I don't have to spend a fortune!

What do you think?  Any suggestions - PLEASE HELP ME!!


  1. Oh my goodness cuz you have to wear a uniform?!? What the fiz?!? I think you did a good job considering. I really like the jewelry and the navy blazer. You may need to add some long sleeve shirts considering how the weather is changing. Can you wear a skirt or it has to be pants?

  2. WOW!!!! Gurl you are going to work that uniform! I love the accessories..especially the necklaces! I need a pair of those earrings ASAP...you need an etsy shop or something..cause I would def. be a customer :-)

  3. @Motown2Mayberry - yes cuz! call me for the scoop

    @Style & Poise - I actually just made an etsy page tonight its called MadeWith143. I am new to the whole page so bare with me :) but check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. love the accessories, but maybe you can wear like a colorful scarf with the white shirt because as much as i love white and khaki/tan, sometimes it can be super monotone. love the glittery toms shoes, i am addicted to toms in general! super comfy and every time you buy a pair someone else gets one! is that motivation to buy or what?! lol

  5. @inHERshoes - thats a great idea - I will incorporate scarfs during the winter months hopefully I will get away with it (keeping fingers crossed). Toms are amazing - I always thought they were cute but the fact I get to help someone with my purchase really sold me on the shoes!!!

  6. hey ..... you are still rockn with them accessories..... so YOu go GIRL!! showing style... even when in uniform!!!

  7. Looks good! You're going to have some people JEALOUS! What about a white wrap shirt? I would use shoes as pops of color as often as possible, too!

  8. Ayyyyeee... I told you Sis all you needed was some FLY accessories and it ROCK that UNI!!!!! You are going to be so FRESH & SO Clean!!!! lol

  9. Thanks ladies - its only the third week and I am already bored with the uniform. Oh well I'm saving money by having key pieces and buying lots of cute accessories :)

  10. Hey Girl!!! I didn't get an email from you. Did you send it to superfashionista23@gmail.com?

  11. Wait, your accessories are BANGING?! You really did spice up your outfits. Omg, from your shoes, to your accessories. You better work! I know the kiddies must think you're cool lol...
    Ps. I nominated you for a blog award :) check it out here http://www.glamnolabelz.com/2011/09/liebster-blog-award.html

  12. Hey Ashley, Thanks so much for the award!! YAY!! and I'm trying my best honestly but if I buy another white shirt I am going to scream lol.

  13. oh wow, so that kinda sucks but its kinda cool as well. Probably saves plenty of cash on clothes. You have pretty jewelry and cute shoes. You made the best out of what little freedom they gave you. I really love the jewelry

  14. I am definitely sending this post to every coworkers email address i have. Although many people don't like it and I can understand why... wearing a uniform to me is so much better. Not only does it look better in the building but its way easier on my pocket and in the morning. In my school we were blue and yellow every Monday. Most staff wear blue pants and the school polo so we all look just like the students but you can also wear you own yellow shirt. But the kids LOVE it!! They get such pride when we all wear it together and it looks so clean. I am on my way to finding some great scarves and jewelry to begin my own fashionable uniform!!! THANKS!!!

  15. Those earrings are to die for.. Where can i get a pair or two.
    You make wearing uniforms so cute,



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