October has me...

Needing...Wanting... & Loving...

I have decided to do a monthly favorites section on my blog.  My Faves can be anything I've been needing, wanting and/or loving for that month.  So here we go...

The new Verizon Rhyme phone which after doing my research is a pretty cool phone and supposedly it is being marketed to women..guess that's why it is PLUM in color.  I'm not a fan of the color but thats nothing a "glittered covered bling bling" phone case can't solve :) What do you think?

The Night time tea candle from Bath & Body Works.  The scent travels throughout the house and I can honestly say it is relaxing.  Plus I got it on SALE!!! Click here

The Victorias Secret Love to Lounge Pink Collection.  Although they are a tad bit pricey, I may treat myself to a set.  I can imagine throwing this on when I need to be somewhere this winter and looking cute and comfy.  PINK Lounge Collection

A wedding reception venue :)  That is a whole blog in itself.

Quick breakfast recipes that I can eat on the go.... I have to stop with the bagels and cream cheese - they are not my friends!!

What have you been Needing, Wanting and Loving???


  1. i think i only have wants not necessarily needs! LOL
    i have had android phones before jumping on the bandwagon of iphones and verizon - but i think HTC and samsung makes the best droids, so you won't go wrong with HTC - as their slogan says, "quietly brilliant!" wow, i feel like i work for them.

    let see ... wants:
    cognac boots from old navy (not the riding boots one, just the plain one)
    eiffel tower paris rug from a local boutique in town
    sephora makeup setting mist
    a new hdtv, 42" preferred
    a mac desktop

    well, i guess for needs, i need more money to buy all my wants! LOL

    hope your weekend was good!

  2. I have been wanting an ipod touch 4g. It has all the features I want from the iphone, without having to switch from my android. Plus I need a new music player for working out. Got to have it.lol

    ooooh and a dslr camera for better blog pics

  3. I need, need, need a good lip balm for the winter time. And of course I want a MacBook pro laptop computer.

  4. Wanting - new iphone 4s; loving - my candle from Hobby Lobby... smells like hazelnut americano coffee & has the whole apartment smelling like a cafe! needing - a new shampoo for my hair!

    question: how is that phone geared towards women?

  5. Roseeeeee!
    how have you been?
    I am going to get The Night time tea candle from Bath & Body Works this Sat. I shall be back with a review too.
    I need, want and lust an iPad/Galaxy Tab, Margaritaville, Keurig, MacPro (or a new computer that is up to date!),Tory Burch bag, some lipgloss C.O. Bigelow, a maid every two weeks, and some good lovin' every week! haha.. (just kidding on the last one)

  6. @inHERshoes - I hear you about the money thing. If you find a bag of it lying around please SHARE!!!

    @Brittany...I hope you get that phone and camera.

    @Chevon J - try Carol's Daughter Lip Butter or some good ole fashioned cocoa butter. I love them both. My mac is my best friend

    @ Frenchy - after all the reviews all I found was because its PURPLE. WTH??

    @I Goodie 2 Shoes - I'm great and you??? Yes the candle is lovely! Let me know what you think. The ipad is amazing - I am talking myself out of that purchase :( Gurl you better get you some lovin - its a necessity!!!


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