Oh heck no!

So there I was...Sitting at my vanity like I do every morning...
Preparing for my day...
I turned on my flat iron then proceeded to decide what jewels I was going to use to "spruce" up my uniform (insert sarcasm)
After deciding, I starting to comb out my hair and part my hair into sections to flat iron and curl.

I bump the first section then move on to the next.
I wipe my hands..

I bump the second section then move on to the next.
Something is feeling strange...so I wipe my hands...

On to the third section and I feel it again..
I look at my hands but there isn't anything there
My hair feels funny but time is escaping me!

I move on to the fourth section, but I feel it again.  My hair feels weird.  It feels sticky.  WTH??

I finally look at the flat iron to notice this...

Are you serious?  What the heck happened to make my $150 flat iron peel like a onion?  Now its on and in my hair.  Oh heck no!

I purchased this flat iron for my birthday from a kiosk in the mall in Charlotte.  To avoid overpacking and not thinking I would experience anything like this, I threw all paperwork including my warranty in the trash.  (Leave me and my stupidity alone!)  I have tried to google the company and nothing comes up.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  It is a great flat iron, I mean besides the peeling.  My hair glides right through it and it gives me the desired curl I love.  I have no way to get in contact with the company and I am dreading spending that amount of money again.  Any suggestions?  Has this happened to you??? 

I am giving myself blue highlights thanks to my flat iron :(


  1. Now THAT is upseting...especially when you paid that much money for it. Hopefully, you find the information on the company so that you can send it back :-(

  2. Oh my goodness. That's awful. I have a Chi flat iron that I bought from Target, and I've never experienced that. I've even had it for about a year now. Good luck with working things out with that company.

  3. omg, that is awful! last year, i went to the philippines and brought my hot tools flat iron with me. i've had that thing for years, it was a gift from my friend. like i normally do, i put it on my vanity and it sits there while i waited for it to heat up. well ... i guess vanities in the philippines are made of something else, let's say wood (underneath). i smelled something burnt, and there it was, my iron got stuck on the vanity, burning the damn thing! SMH ... had to purchase a not-so-good quality iron. maybe that is a sign that i don't need to want a straight ass gwyneth paltrow like hair when i already have straight hair! LOL

  4. Oh NOOOOOO!!!!! That is sooo unfortunate... soooo sorry that happen! Try and look around at hair supply stores to see if ANY carry that flat iron or some that may be similar. *shrugs*

  5. Oh thats bad :/ especially when it was so expensive... x

  6. I feel so bad. That's terrible! I say don't even worry about trying to contact the company b/c if you don't have the warranty more than likely they may say there's nothing they can do. I hace a CHI flat iron and it works wonders on my hair. No products needed; which is wonderful. They run around the same price, but local beauty supply stores have them on sale. Or you may luck up at Marshall's. I've seen them there from time to time. But, take a "L" on this one and try a different brand.

  7. omg, that's terrible. i'd take it back to the kiosk, maybe they can put you in touch with the manufacturer.

    jcpenny styling salon has chi irons on sale for 30% off out here...

  8. Thank ya'll for your care and concern. I purchased a new flat iron this weekend. The H20 pro or something like that and its AMAZING! keep you posted on the progress and if that peels!!!

  9. Awww Man!! This is HORRIBLE!!! Maybe I hope the new one that you purchased is black... That's much better than Blue highlights!!!

    -E. Louise


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