Random Thoughts on a Thursday Night...

Why is The OFFICE a repeat???

I want a vanilla eggcream.  (One of my fav drinks)

Why do people get nervous at work when the boss comes around?  (If you're doing what you are supposed to - why worry?)

I would smack a Bridezilla in her face if she ever talked to me like that!

How does a couple decide where to spend the holidays when their families are in two different states?

My College Fair was a success for my students.

I love my NY GIANTS!

I don't like washing dishes but I hate seeing a full sink!

Why do people in fast cars drive slow?

I want to attend a HBCU but not many have PhD programs (insert sad face)

Is Christmas really two months away???

What are your random thoughts???


  1. I hate when people say they are going to "paint" their nails!!

    i like the look of colored tights on other people, but would feel like a super hero if I wear them.

    how to do I make a Zombie Beyonce with a baby bump Halloween costume withoug spending a grip?

    Since I worked out 4x this week, can I skip zumba on saturday?

  2. Why do I feel like I shrink at least 3 inches from the time I drive into to work, to the time I drive home. I have to adjust my rear view mirror every time.

    My bladder must always know when I am stuck in traffic.

    I wanna start dating but hate to date :(

    I have always wanted to be a runner but don't like getting hit i the head/neck with my own boob. It's ok to laugh

  3. Rhonda,
    A cute sequin sheath dress with a small bed pillow in a paid of high waist biker shorts (or any others that will support the pillow) will be cute. Accessorize with jewelry that you already own. Or find some cheap chiffon etc material at Jomar's and pin a nice dress with the pillow underneath.

  4. why do salon take appointments when i have to wait 15-20 minutes past my appointment?!

    why can't i just look at a treadmill and then look like in tip-top shape while i work out in my mind.

    the day i decided facebook was annoying (and quit it, too!) was the day i realized i was old.

    why do people say "i'm gonna run to the store" when they actually take forever just to find their car keys, drive their car instead of running.

  5. when i was growing up, i was always told that "You are special"... but as much as i was told that... i was always told that "You are just like everybody else, we are all alike"... so which is it? maybe im Special just like everybody else.

    Whenever i stay home on Friday nights, being cozy and watching a movie, i get this voice in the back of my head saying "Go out, you are missing out on a lot of fun"... so then the next weekend i decide to go out and have "fun"... and while im out, all i can think of is "WTH am i doing out here, its loud, im tired, i want to be warm, i really should have stayed my ass at home, and staying out all night is pointless".... talk about Ironical situations.

    Social media has given me the excuse of not keeping in touch or checking up on people, because quite frankly, i can see that John just broke up with his girlfriend, and Crystal just had a 3rd baby in 4 years and apparently Everyone else on Facebook has amnesia because that explains why they carry Cameras to every single event they go to... even the supermarkets.

    there is always an exception to every rule... example
    females never like being called bitches.... Exception.... only when you put some endearing word in front of bitch... e.g. Bad Bitch, Boss Bitch...

    if i continue, i would have to write a full fledged blogpost on your blog... so im gonna behave and restrain myself.

    random fact: you just gained a follower.

  6. I LOVE your randome thoughts, LOL!!!


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