Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Night...

*Why did I bake a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing only to look at it for three days before throwing it out??

*I need a leopard belt and can't find one! Please HELP!!!

*Why does my coworker insist of using curse words in EVERY SENTENCE especially when we work with kids!!!

*What is the point of the Bad Girls Club?

*Damn that show survivor for starting this stupid reality TV craze!!!

*I watch way too many hours of YOUTUBE!!

*I heart Beyonce!

*Facebook has become confusing and I never really understood twitter so why do I need a smartphone???

*Wish there was a way to sneak into my building without one of my students yelling "Yo! Ms. Richards!"

*Wish I knew someone with a hook up at the Gas station.

*Why is it so cold ALREADY???

*I hate my uniform but it is saving me a ton of $$$$$$!

What are your thoughts on this lovely Tuesday evening???


  1. Hey Lady! Your random thoughts...so funny but many so true...I've been looking for a skinny leopard print belt too girl..I saw one sometime ago at Target..slept on it went back and haven't seen it since. I was told Aldo has some too...I have yet to check it out though.


  2. I love this ! Thanks for the post... is like literally stopping and smelling the flowers....
    Great Post hun



  3. LOL! i love this; GREAT post.


  4. LOL!!!! I love it Stacy!!! We all have random thoughts. I think everybody could do one of these posts. But on the Leopard Print Belt though - I got mine from Good Ole Target.

    7eventh Letter

  5. Hey!! Here's a leopard skinny belt from The Limited. They have a few more on their site I think.


    And here's one from ASOS.com


    Hope you like


  6. Thanks!!! going to check them out now!!!

  7. LOL @ your random thoughts. I agree with the belt from The Limited. Not only is it cute, I own it too lol

  8. LMBO!!! Please tell me you're on Twitter, lol.

  9. Old navy, the gap, and BR have leopard prints belts

  10. I know this post is pretty old, I am not sure if you found your leopard print belt or not but target still has them, I bought mine back in probably late sept early october and im still in love with it!!


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