B in B'more...

What a beautiful Sunday.  I met up with my beautiful cousin for Breakfast in Baltimore.  Baltimore is such a beautiful city.  The Inner Harbor, Handsome Ray Lewis from The Ravens and not to mention University of Delaware's own Joe FLACCO!!

We ate at a restaurant named Miss Shirley's Cafe.
Feel free to check out the menu - it was DELICIOUS!!! In fact - please go and experience it for yourselves.  Here is a peek at our breakfast...

My cousin enjoyed her "Get your grit on" which was Shrimp, grits on top of fried green tomatoes."

My mini belgian waffles and turkey sausage

Don't forget the fresh strawberries and whipped cream :)

Walking around the Inner Harbor I noticed Filene's Basement was GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!! OMG!!! Had to run in there and check it out.  They were selling everything - even the fixtures and carpet (side eye)  But I managed to score this Ralph Lauren bracelet original price $100 and I got it for $20.  Thank you Filene :)

It was a great Sunday.  I had "B"(Breakfast) in B'more with my beautiful cousin and scored a great "B" (Buy).  How did you spend your Sunday???


  1. LOVE me some bmore!! my hometown :-) looks like you had a great day. i haven't been to miss shirleys cafe. i have heard nothing but good things.


  2. I'm so sad Filenes is going out of business. Out here in NJ they have started closing down stores too. I got some great deals on Calvin Klein lingerie though.

  3. @Nic..your city treated me well. Check out the restaurant when you can!!

    @Chevon..I'm sad too but very happy about my bracelet :)

  4. OMG so glad i came across your blog! I wish I was near that restaurant yum!!!! LOL great post


  5. Cute bracelet!


  6. I love Baltimore! I haven't been there in six years! Yikes! I really want to go there again some time, if not just to eat at that fabulous restaurant. :) I'm glad you had a wonderful Sunday!

  7. I dated a guy who lived in Baltimore but we really didn't go out much when I visited. :( That waffle looks amazing!!! Food is my drug.

  8. @Sincerely Mally...thanks!!

    @Courtnei... Thanks!!

    @Jennifer Fabulous..Thanks, make sure you go.

    @Sunny..his loss!!! Yes hunny and four mini didn't make me feel that bad for eating them lol


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