Is that the bill????

Went to dinner the other night to celebrate my soon-to-be-mother-in-law's birthday.  It was really nice to get together and celebrate.  We went to a restaurant named Alma de Cuba in Center City, Philadelphia.

Eight of us attended dinner and we had a great time!  I decided on Vaca Frita which was a very tender steak.  The spinach was so scrumptious.  Yes, I ate it all - Delicious!! 

The boo and I are budgeting our money preparing for the wedding so I googled the restaurant just to give us an idea of what we could be spending... But who in the world expected this??

Yes - the bill totaled $446.08.  Woah!! Happy Birthday now lets go home :)


  1. Wow. That is a lot. One thing I do when I go out to eat to save money is drink water. Drinks add up. Definitely! Especially alcohol.

  2. Yes!!! Thats a great tip and its true!!!

  3. Gurl, y'all did it BIG!! I know that food had to be great with a bill like that!!


  4. Good Lawd.....now that's a bill! Well...I hope the food was good, at least..sheesh!


  5. Yeah uhmmmm that's a nice total for ya!!! LOL However, I guess considering what was ordered (the prices) and it being 8 people then it wasn't totally unexpected, right?!?! LOL But also like someone said the alcohol can add up, shoot some places a mixed drink or glass of wine can be $10 and up (and I don't mean 5 star places and top shelf alcohol.) So unless I really want one, I order a regular non-alcohol beverage or water!! :-)

    Like you when we go out we make sure to do some checking up (not just the ratings) on the restaurant to make sure we know what to expect.

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