Not just no...but HECK NO!!!

I know Christmas is fast approaching which means....


Why does it seem like everybody, their mama and slow grandma are on the roads these days.  All I wanted to do was get home from work and that took longer than necessary.  Why because people are trying to buy those last minute gifts at the mall.  Ugh.. I can't!!!  So I purchased gift cards for EVERYONE or will order gifts online and have them delivered to their house.  I can't with the traffic, slow drivers, slow walkers or people just browsing.  Get what you're getting and GET OUT OF MY WAY.

Anyone like the chaos of the malls at Holiday time???


  1. oh girl, hell no! i am impatient as a five year old when it comes to traffic, long lines, crowds, etc. just like you, i bought gift cards and usps will be the one hand delivering gifts to those who live out of state!

  2. I used to like the holiday rush, but now I'm like you and I can't stand it. I'm not fighting with anybody over a parking spot just to get in the mall, and then standing in line FOREVER to buy gifts. I think I'm over Christmas gift giving though until I have kids.

  3. I know exactly how you feel and i experience it. I hate it. Yes i love Christmas, its my forever holiday and i love sales. But i hate traffic, busy stores, and all the old people that come to Florida to escape the snow. ugh.

  4. I cannot do malls around holiday time. It drives me nuts- the crowds, the kids acting a fool screaming because they want a toy???!!!! iCant

  5. O man I know what you mean! Love Christmas , HATTTTEEE shopping during the holidays! So I resort to gift certificates :D


  6. Hate the xmas traffic everywhere x


  7. Christmas is one of my FAVORITE holidays, but I don't have patience or tolerance for the crowds, rude people and traffic. I have avoided shopping anywhere, especially the malls this year. I haven't gotten ONE gift yet and I don't plan to go searching for hours on end for anything for anybody at these crowded stores. Like you I'm getting/giving gifts cards. It's easy and all you have to do is get either a Visa gift card or gift card from someones favorite store and be done. Like everyone else said I'm so OVER all the crowds, traffic and endless lines!!!!

    Carsedra of:



  8. Giiirrrll....its like everybody forgets how to drive! They are not using their signals OR being courteous drivers. Be careful out there...its a jungle!

  9. I absolutely hate it. I work in the mall and it is literally taking 30 minutes to find parking. Now that a b****. I don't even want to go on breaks because that means I would have to see all the chaos out there. The best time to shop is either early morning when shops open or late evening when its about to shut down. I will nevet understand why people wait til the last .minute to handle their bidness.

  10. Hey girl, stopping by to wish you a very Happy Holidays. Hopefully all the madness will be over soon and you get to and from work smoothly. =)

    xoxo (till next time)

  11. I hate traffic!!

  12. I HATE traffic but LOVE the Holiday RUSH!!!! It gets me in the Christmas Spirit every year! lol


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