Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Night...

Why do people put ornaments on their cars?  (Wreaths, antlers, etc)

I hate when my socks fall down in my shoes!

Why does healthy food cost more than a "supersized" anything with a huge soda on the side?

Why can't the extra fat in my midsection be distributed evenly to my hips and rear area???

Why are flights to Charlotte for the holidays over $350 for a round trip ticket??

Why do I enjoy watching the show COPS??!!!

Has anyone else tried the new Dominos online tracker?? That thing is so COOL!  You can "track" when they get the order, when its prepped, placed in the oven and being delivered :)  I love food!

As always...what are your random thoughts???


  1. LOL! I love it. Girl, we share some of the same random thoughts! I wish I could put the fat in my mid section in my rear too! HILARIOUS!

    7eventh Letter

  2. Thanks :) glad to know I'm not the only one lol

  3. I think some of these same things! I'm tired of my shoes eating my socks and I'm sick of healthy food being more expensive that the good old dollar menu at any fast food restaurant lol.

    The online tracker at Domino's is pretty cool. My children enjoy watching the tracker and telling me when they leave the store with the food. My kids and I are easily amused!

  4. hahaha why can fats in my mid area be distributed to a person who needs some nourishment?!

  5. I just stopped wearing socks whenever I could LOL. I think fast food costs more because it's cheaper to produce. With all the "meat" that McDonald's buys you know there's a bulk discount PLUS we all know it's not all real beef. But when you eat healthier, they don't cut the meat with other meat or whatever....so basically a whole cow costs more than half a cow and half a pig.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Domino's tracker. I love it so much my coworkers make fun of me because I have been ordering Dominos once a week in part because I like tracking the order as it's prepared and delivered.

    Forget the fact that they're almost always late, or have some sort of drama. And as for the car thing... I would never. Simply because I can imagine someone with sticky fingers would make off with my ornaments purchased with my hard earned $$. And also because... they're a little cheesy.

  7. Why do girls go to work/school/mall/out in public with doobie pins in? What are you saving the style for?

  8. What do people put their business on facebook?
    How can you workout everyday and not lose weight?
    Why do people always think someone hating on them?
    Why is fastfood cheaper than going to the grocery store?

  9. @likeitsgolden - I hear you - I wonder the very same thing.

    @Downtownchicagobarbie - those are great questions and I wonder the same things!!


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